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滝沢連合 第347章

Tono updated Takiren 2 days ago :) Seems like he had his hair cut, probably for work purposes~ ^^; Hayaku announce something yo! We’ve been waiting so long already xD

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 347

16 July


Earlier on, didn’t I talk about the Tac.Key.Pon project for my radio show Takizawa Denpajou Looks like this will come true What should I do If it’ll be decided that this corner ends really soon, please understand.>

I’m at the hair salon now having my hair cut How much will be cut off? Un~ Please make a guess.


It’s really hot recently na I want to go to summer festivals or fireworks displays na~ I wonder if I can go this year? I can’t go yo na~
Everyone say it together, ready~ go!

MANAGER you idiooooottt




Training wasn’t really interesting… though being in town for 3 days in a row (and waking up at 9am everyday^^) was :D Anyway, the trainer was quite disappointing… Seems like my colleagues and boss know more about Flash & Design stuff than him. And his attitude was really quite “bo chup” (singlish). After tolerating for 2.5 days, my boss decided he’s had enough, and kinda told him to leave midway through the training today. Quite dramatic ne~ So, now we’re back in office LOL

滝沢連合 第346章

A short and interesting update by Tono yesterday!

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 346

28 June

Now here’s a question.
Where am I now

3. Earth
4. Beside you

The correct answer is here -> **

** Here’s where he attached a photo of the beach and sea (which was apparently taken with his ketai phone from the hotel room window)

Sou~ he’s in Hawaii now?! I think all the answers above are correct ne~ 3) is the safest bet? LOL! 1) & 2) are the same deshou! And don’t we always feel like he’s by our side — he’s on our TV or computer screens most of the time xD

Okay~ got to run for dinner already! Jaa~~

滝沢連合 第345章

Translation by qwe, and edited by mich and nyanco.

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 345

20 June

It’s been a long time since I last updated I’m sorry

Let’s talk about Takizawa Denpajou. That radio show is quite a free (not restricted on what he can talk about) show, but there are also unreasonable requests from the staff It’s like I’m always feeling anxious when I’m on my way to the studio. But they let me plan new projects so it’s fun yo. Moreover, I also have the chance to have one-to-one talks with the listeners, so it’s precious time for me. The next project I wanna do is called “If you laugh, you’ll lose, Tac.Key.Pon.” I’ll take on the listeners one by one, and (if you laugh, you’ll lose) if listeners win, I’ll give them some presents. If I win, they have to answer whatever I request. (Even though…) Another plan is that, if any guy has no girlfriend, I’ll recruit one for him, so I’ll be cupid And then, we’ll observe how things go with them. After that~ What else? Let me think now.









How about this?
I’ll sing karaoke. I’ll keep singing all the way!


Another idea is that, I’ll create a Denpajou team and hold gatherings. Well, I’ll be the gang leader The name of the team will be “Team Taki Den”.

Somehow, it sounds like a countryside Denki (Electronics) store

Ah, I suddenly feel like watching The Battle of Helms Deep kekeke…

滝沢連合 第344章

Translation by qwe & mich :)

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 344

14 May

Iya~ Enbujou came to an end and I took a deep breath. Reverberations still remain, but now there’s Takitsuba’s new single!! 「Koi uta」
Feels good I’ll be working on promotions for the release soon Now I’m in the dressing room for Ogosho recording, and Arashi members came to visit me one after another. Furthermore, each one came in orderly I could see everyone after a long time Enbujou ended, I went to Guam, got tanned, and my skin has peeled off. Aiba-chan looked at my tanned body and said in a word.


(The sun) licked you


This was said by funny Aiba-chan with his subtle expression


And Oh-chan was.


silently peeling my skin

Such a cute entry! Aiba-chan & Ohno-kun are so funny heehee~

滝沢連合 第343章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 343

18 Apr

Iya~ It’s been a long time Recently it’s Enbujo everyday da yo
There is only one show today, so I can go back early



Just when I thought so,

There’s recording
Everyone say it with me “Manager you idiot~~”


Yukichan DVD is about to be released ne I have reviewed it already, the Making was considerably long, it brought back so much memories Maa~ This experience is deeply connected to the Takizawa Enbujou now da yo. I’ll say it straight yo.



Buy it



Takizawa Enbujou is already more than half way through da na Teamwork is well on track. Recently during the kabuki scene, there is an increase in the no. of people calling “Takizawa~”, I’m pretty delighted yo The timing was good and it feels like I’m performing with the audience Iya~ feels good wa After the curtain closes, all the cast were screaming in joy backstage like it was their own experience Let’s do our best for the rest of the shows

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