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滝沢連合 第407章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 407

07 Jan

[Q7] (Tooru, Osaka, Sales, Male)
Konnichiwa, please also let me ask you a question!
Until now, during recordings or jacket photoshoots, what were the things that were enjoyable, and what were those that were tough?

[A7] Oh! A male I’m happy ne~
Unexpectedly, they have always been smooth ne.
On the contrary, what are the jackets or PVs that you like?
That’s what I want to know ne

滝沢連合 第406章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 406

06 Jan

[Q6] (Yayoi, Gifu Prefecture, Super Employee, Female)
Otsukarechan desu! Thanks for this happy project ♪ Souchou, although you are always busy, when you get home after work, what would you be doing that is the most blissful time for you? Is it indeed the time when you’ll be humming a song while taking a bath? If you have any recommended solo play for baths recently, please tell us.

[A6] My baths are rather normal yo Normal to the extent of playing with toys…
When I get home, the first thing I do is to take off my socks

滝沢連合 第405章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 405

05 Jan

[Q5] (Asachan, Tokyo, Super Employee, Female)
When I heard “Ai wa Takaramono”, I had a ‘tight feeling in the chest’, something I’ve not felt in a while… Takki, recently did you get a ‘tight feeling in the chest’?

[A5] I don’t get a tight feeling in the chest na~ I want to have the ‘tight tight’ feeling, but I wonder if there’s anything I can do.

滝沢連合 第404章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 404

04 Jan

[Q4] (Non non, Kanagawa Prefecture, Sales, Female)
Is there something that you definitely have to do before the actual shows of Takizawa Kakumei? Also, please tell us how you relieve your nervousness.

[A4] Something I treasure, is to have an hour of emptiness.
Quietly, not doing anything, not talking to anyone. It’s an unexpectedly important time.

滝沢連合 第403章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 403

03 Jan

[Q3] (Kaori, Tokyo, Sales, Female)
I’ve always happily read your updates. About the 100 questions, it’ll be tough but please update at a pace that’s not hard on yourself ★ My request! I want you to talk passionately about your partner Imai Tsubasa!

[A3] Tsubasa ~~~
Tsubasa ~~~~~~~
Tsubasa & Tsubasa

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