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滝沢連合 第412章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 412

12 Jan

[Q12] (Ai, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chief Clerk, Female)
The new year’s first, what was the first thing you did when the new year started?

[A12] Kakumei rehearsals

滝沢連合 第411章

Sorry, I know I’m so behind… ganbarimasu!

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 411

11 Jan

[Q11] (Shino, Tokyo, Sales, Female)
Souchou, you’ve challenged various kinds of cosplays, but is there a cosplay that you would like to do next?

[A11] Those aren’t cosplay you know!! Mine are transformations.
I wonder what’s the next one~



*LMAO* Takizawa-san, in your next solocon, I would love to see you in a kyonshi costume hopping around with a yellow charm on your forehead LOL!

滝沢連合 第410章

Sorry, I’m still so behind in the Takiren Kakumei Q&As…

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 410

10 Jan

[Q10] (Ayaka, Tokyo, Sales, Female)
Please write an aiueo-essay using ‘ta-ki-za-wa-ka-ku-me-i’!

[A10] What a pain OK OK I get it. I’ll do it.
[ta] tanoshin de (with enjoyment)
[ki] kirakira na (the sparkling)
[za] zawazawa shinagara (amidst the buzz)
[wa] wakuwaku shinagara (amidst the excitement)
[ka] kakumei wo kangeki (to watch kakumei)
[ku] ku ji ni nattara shueenshita (when it’s 9o’clock, the show ended)
[me] meiro no youna takizawa waarudo (a maze-like takizawa world)
[i] ii hi ni narimashita! (it has become a great day!)



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When translated line by line, it doesn’t seem to make sense ne. But translated as a whole, it means something like “Amidst the buzz and excitement, with enjoyment, I watched a sparkling Kakumei, a maze-like Takizawa World which ended at 9pm. It has become a great day!” (I apologize if my translation is off…)

滝沢連合 第409章

I was inspired when I read what Takki wrote here…

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 409

09 Jan

[Q9] (Kaninsukii, Kanagawa Prefecture, Super Employee, Female)
Takizawa Souchou, please tell us what is your way of recharging energy. How do you heal your tiredness? What is your energy source?

[A9] What is it? I guess it’s to fall in love with everything. It is bothersome if work becomes a pain, but if I can come to like it, it will change into a good form of tiredness.
There is certainly a charm in any and every thing, so try to find that I was opposed to period dramas, but I searched and when I discovered its charm, I got addicted to it Ganbare

Takki has spoken of how he resisted period dramas. But he did Yoshitsune, and it kinda changed his career path. Yoshitsune led to Takizawa Enbujou, and Yukinojo Henge led to our favourite Takizawa Kabuki! Iya~ it’ll be nice if he can do another NHK taiga drama…

But actually, in such a drought now, even a drama SP will make me really happy.

滝沢連合 第408章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 408

08 Jan

[Q8] (Kanako Mama, Saitama-ken, Chief Clerk, Female)
It has come to the season for Nabe ne. Souchou, please tell us what Nabe you think you want to eat the most now Kakumei must be tough, but please be sure to take care of your body ne

[A4] If you say Nabe, it has got to be “Kimchi Nabe” right!! The point is, because it’ll make my room smell, if I want to have Nabe, I’ll have it at my friend’s place

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