Channel-a 2008.12.25 “Ai Kakumei” PV Making

Finally!! I thought nobody would post this. Hahaha~~ Making of “Ai Kakumei” PV! Filming was on 25th November, and took a about a day. Takki with girls~!! Girls who’re touching him all over. So cute, the director asked the girls to go closer and be more seductive, while Takki will have to keep a straight face and act as though he’s not affected by the seduction :)

Takki - Ai Kakumei PV - Channel-a Making

Download from MU or MF (63.54MB)

Btw, that girl that he held at the waist? She’s quite cute ne, and she really reminds me of Kelly Chen ne! Just that.. she’s much shorter hehe~ :)

8 Responses to “Channel-a 2008.12.25 “Ai Kakumei” PV Making”

  1. love says:

    thanks mich, for this. i was wondering, too.

    haha… you’re right. that girl look a bit like kelly…^^

    of course, they won’t give *cough*ugly*cough* girl to takki-sama…

  2. simone says:

    I don’t think it can have been too painful to film that. Just had to keep his neko smile off his face…

  3. KatSpore says:

    thanks mich! ILU! grabbing this now! looking at ur screenie, tono’s hand seems to be a little lower than her back ne! lol! *on her butt* lol!
    *ahem* the director say straight face ma, nv say hand lor *ahem*

  4. KatSpore says:

    gomen gomen! tono! haha.. it’s actually false alarm.. that was when he release the gal, so his hand seem so low.. *runs*

  5. sannah says:

    Thanks Mich for this….OMG….the pose of the two in 3rd and 4th screenies are just so hot…

    She is indeed a lucky girl!

  6. cece says:


    thanks, michele!!


  7. tezuka_eiri says:

    thank you for the file.
    Lucky girl.

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