Oricon Yearly Charts – 2009

All of Takki's singles made it to the Top 150 in the Oricon Singles Yearly Chart. Ai Kakumei is in the Top 100 too! Omedetou~~ and otsukarechan! XD #80. 愛・革命 Sales: 71,816 (Released 7th Jan) #110. ヒカリひとつ Sales: 54,266 (Released 23rd Sep) #116. シャ・ラ・ラ/無限の羽 Sales: 52,547 (Released 6th May)

Takki Tidbits

1) According to J-net, there will be Takki in Osama no Brunch this coming Sat (8/29). 2) On August 22, in Omagari, Daisen City of Akita prefecture, there was an annual fireworks competition where the most famous pyrotechnists (firework specialists) in Tohoku competed and showed off their newest creations in fireworks technology. Amongst the pyrotechnists, … Continue reading Takki Tidbits