[Raws] Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru – Episode 2

Sorry for the late post. Here are the links for SD & HD, kindly provided by Kel :)


Duration: 42mins 58s
848×480 @ MEGA
1280×720 @ MEGA

The response to our Facebook post on hard vs soft subs was almost 50-50. It was hard to decide so I’m gonna try it out with Nezumi, and release both hard & soft subs… we’ll see how things go :) Also, all raws henceforth will be provided by Kel! Thank you~!

P.S. Priority goes to Nezumi, but we will be subbing HAMU too :)

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  1. can’t post on facebook, but I’d like hardsubs since there would not be any problem about subs’ sync with this or that version of the raw.

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