Music Station 2009.09.25

It’s a 3hr SP where they count down the Best 100 songs as voted by the people. Takki was guest and the first to sing. He cut his hair! It’s not Ryuzaki, but Takki hehe… And as usual, he brings some juniors onto the show lol…

Takki talked about Matchy-san’s song too, and about how the song title came about? something like that… And later on there was Kinki Kid’s “Garasu no Shounen” where Takki (then 15 years old) was one of the back dancers lol… He was wondering why they freezed such a frame of him LOL!

Now, it’s time for Wan Wan last episode!!!!

MQ (512×392), 7min 02s – Opening, main talk, live, Kinki Kids song talk:
Download from MU or MF (164.29MB)

10 thoughts on “Music Station 2009.09.25

  1. brisallie says:

    i think he not only cut his hair, he dyed it too.But i like his new look because he looks younger.

    and about his perfomance , it was cool, specially i like the part when the mirrors broke.

  2. cat says:

    His own performance was excellent, and his new hair cut looks extremely handsome….Ah…chu chu chu.

    The KK part was so cute, I actually spotted Takki when he danced at the background..

  3. chanmonkey says:

    Yoyo!!! Tackey finally cut his hair and dyed it!!! So handsome again!!! Actually I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!!! Coz I don’t really like his hairstyle in wanwan…

  4. bon-chan says:

    i almost had a cardiac arrest and fell over my chair XD
    its been so long since we’ve seen him with his Takki-fied hair…(^ v ^)

  5. michelle says:

    wanryowan~ i think takki has many friends ne. he seems the kind that values friendship more than anything else… as for that girl, his first love, i think she wanted him back some time later, after he joined johnnys and got famous lol~

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