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[Report] Takizawa Kakumei ’10 – Act 2, Show Time

…cont’d from Act 1

Duration: approx. 1hr 15mins

Scene #1 – Ruins A


Shigin-kun walks onto the stage and introduced the next Act, which is about the future in the year 2060, Newton’s prediction of the end of the world. After talking for a while, he points up to the 2nd floor, the music changed, and *chou kawaii* hidejiji hung from a cable “flew” down from the right of the 2nd floor, to the left on the first floor stage.


Takirev’10: Day 5 (Harajuku)


I decided to continue writing about the trip first, before going back to the shows reports coz god knows how long I’ll take to get Act 2 up, and then there’s still Jinsei Kakumei report lol.


Oricon Yearly Charts – 2009

All of Takki’s singles made it to the Top 150 in the Oricon Singles Yearly Chart. Ai Kakumei is in the Top 100 too! Omedetou~~ and otsukarechan! XD

#80. 愛・革命
Sales: 71,816 (Released 7th Jan)

#110. ヒカリひとつ
Sales: 54,266 (Released 23rd Sep)

#116. シャ・ラ・ラ/無限の羽
Sales: 52,547 (Released 6th May)

Takki Tidbits

1) There was a short VTR of Takki in Majo no Jouken shown on Utaban last night (11/24). Yamapi was the guest on the show. We all know that the reason why Pi joined Johnnys was because he saw Takki in Mokuyou no Kaidan back then. These two are making me go “aww~” these few days, after all the MC reports, fancams and watnots. I wish they’d do something together again. I kinda miss “Circle”…

2) Some fans have received the latest T&T FC bulletin, Vol. 33.

Takitsuba FC Vol 33

(Image from Y!A Japan)

The cover is so kakkoii~~ ↑ ↑ ↑ This volume features the Hikari Hitotsu PV and Wan Wan Ep. 8 filming. There’s a pic where Ryuzaki was wearing that white singlet in his prison cell, smiling and slightly biting his lower lips!!! Wahh~ CHOU KAWAII!!! Hahaha~ one more thing to hunt down in Japan lol…

[Lyrics] 悪い男

“Warui Otoko” is the 2nd track from the “Hikari Hitotsu” single. Note: “jin-jin” doesn’t really have a meaning on its own, but is more like an expression used to emphasize the rest of the sentence.

warui otoko
Bad man

hitori furuete naide
Don’t tremble by yourself
hayaku kakugo wo kimete
Quick, make up your mind
胸の十字架溶け出すくらい 今夜ふたり孤独を燃やそう
mune no juujika tokedasu kurai konya futari kodoku wo moyasou
Let’s burn off our loneliness together as the cross on your chest could melt


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