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Music Station 2011.03.18

Posting some recent tv guestings for Trip & Treasure…

This was Takki’s first live TV appearance after 11 Mar disaster. This episode was very solemn, no applause and no live audience. The other artistes sang rather sad and slow songs, but both Johnnys groups on the show – T&T and NYC – sang lively songs, hoping to bring smiles back on the faces of people. Instead of singing songs from their new album, T&T sang Ai wa Takaramono.

Opening – MF / MU (1280×720, mp4, 12.59mb)
T&T Talk&Performance - MF (1280×720, mp4, 91.7mb)

Files grabbed from YT; couldn’t grab the ending file before it was removed, gomen.

Music Station 2011.03.18

3 thoughts on “Music Station 2011.03.18

  1. Thank you so much for sharing <3

    it's somehow make me feel pain in my heart T__T,but i'm so proud of them & their courage to try their best to move on & stay "Genki" <3

    Ganbare Nippon ~ <3

    P.S : by the way dear,the "Talk&Performance link" is leading to the same OP file <3

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