Takki @ Music Station 2009.01.16

Takki finally explains to the “public” the origins of the dialogue in the song (he was told by Johnny-san to “talk” coz it was boring lol), and how the “LOVE” between “woman and man” is read as “Kakumei”. The singers sitting behind almost all went “Ohhh~~” at the same time, as they looked at the “Kakumei” words on the stage. A guy right at the back was explaining to his partner with hand actions too :) Takki says this is “Johnnys World” XD

Takizawa Hideaki - Ai Kakumei at Msute

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Download (MU): 001 | 002
Download (MF): 001 | 002

9 thoughts on “Takki @ Music Station 2009.01.16

  1. simone says:

    Thanks! Johnny’s world indeed…

    He certainly isn’t any fatter, but don’t you think he looks less drawn and tense? I think (hope) he is now settled in the routine of the show,and that it will continue a smooth and successful run.

    You know, I felt I had crossed a milestone when I understood what he was saying about Kakumei in the song. A year ago I would not have understood a word!

  2. sannah says:

    Simone…I agree with you….he even look younger and more kakkoii. Just look at the first pix….;)

    Thanks again Mich! Got my 2 hadaka pix of Takki…Arrrgghh!

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