SC 2010.08.06 – Talk, Kareha no Kage

Takki appeared three times during last week’s Shounen Club (aired 6th August on BS2) – midway through the opening during “Ho! Summer”, then for the talk and “Kareha no Kage” performance, and at the end to perform “Shalala”. But from the clip I have, I can only extract this part. I’ll try to add a HD version if it’s available (when it’s aired on BShi).

Here is the talk session (it was sweet when a Jr fan shouted “Thank you” to Takki for taking care of Kis-my-ft2 and ABC-Z) and the subsequent performance of “Kareha no Kage” (枯葉の影 aka Shadow of Dried Leaf – lyrics by Takki). This version is similar to Takizawa Kakumei 2010’s. But I prefer this one as I didn’t really like whatever he was wearing in Kakumei *runs*

Download from MU / MF (64.76MB, 720×480, avi)
** Update: Higher quality versions of this clip, plus the rest of the episode can be obtained here.

If only he recorded this episode AFTER cutting his hair… This hair is so long, and I don’t really like the color… but he could still pull it off somehow, even though I feel that he gives off a “dai sempai” kind of vibe. I don’t know why, but that’s what I first felt when I watched the talk.

Btw, Takki performed this song during the current solocon too, and IMO, the solocon version is more kakkoii!! I love that one!! That’s why I say we must have the solocons on DVD!

Of course the costumes play a part as well (Takki’s costume during the solocon was chou kakkoii!), the hair as well (I love his short and blond hair!) and the dance-intensive bridge music had a different arrangement… plus the extra light effects. Ahh, I think I’ll talk more about it in my report… Anyway. Sorry for digressing. I’ll post again if I have more clips from this episode to share.

25 thoughts on “SC 2010.08.06 – Talk, Kareha no Kage

  1. bon-chan says:

    i was looking for the Talk part so thanks for the clip! :)
    the「いいえ・・・」part cracks me up!!!
    he’s so good at going from chou kawaii to chou kakkoii~

  2. simone says:

    Thanks so much for this! I think that the too long hair makes him look older.

    [ I found that KimuTaku in Mr. Brain had too long hair and it made him look older as well, he has looked much better since]

    I have requested a DVD from Avex and will again.

  3. takisakura says:

    Mich … arigatoune~
    Takizawa’s hair so long but so handsome too =)
    I like his step dance so much. totemo kakkoii desune~

  4. amy says:

    Thank u so much, mich!!!
    Well..I like when Takki had a short hair..kakkoii..
    But..whatever Takki’s hair..he’s always handsome.. :D

  5. KatSpore says:

    haha.. ur last screenie even capture “that lyric”! Kyaa~~~
    so busy this week! finally got time to come here! thanks for the clip! DL’ing now! Gr8 cheer booster to see this performance again! Honto ni arigatou~ chu~

  6. KatSpore says:

    SUGOI!!!! N THIS TIME W ABC-Z N KISMAI! YAPARRI Takki w them are the BEST COMBI DA!!! kyaa~ like mad, n I love his vest so I’m gonna forget the long hair! The dance part is so nice compare to MSM ones.. *runs* but it’s true! =p

  7. PUI says:

    Thank you mich.

    His dance really good, hope he will sing this song in his solo con on 14 and 15 and also hope avex will record dvd of this year’s con.

  8. michelle says:

    minasan~ you’re welcome! ^ ^ i was glad to know that the lyrics was written by takki. it makes so much more sense than revenger lol~

    simone~ irene~ yeah, i think long hair makes him look older, and short hair makes him look younger. it’s a good switch, so if we can have the solocon on dvd, it’ll be perfect (we’d be able to have both hairstyles for keeps :D)

    kat~ i also prefer ebikisu to showman! but i still prefer solocon version coz of his hair and costume, and the music too. that skin color top with red vest… really can kill wan lol~ btw, he did take off his coat during this episode’s ho!summer and shalala… just that i haven’t found a good clip that i can cut it from. let’s wait :)

    pui~ he’ll sing this in yokohama as well. otanoshimi ni! XDDDD

    *runs off to avex to request for dvd again*

  9. simone says:

    Just to say I have now watched this clip and I just loved the song and the dance. Maybe Takki cannot do flamenco, but he dances well enough for me!

    Running off to pester Avex also!

  10. nainai08 says:

    Love tacke’s smile druing the talk!!and the dance is really wonderful!! haha,It’s let me think of black takki ne~~

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