Takizawa Hideaki – 愛・革命 PV

Kyaaaa~~~The beginning and ending of the clip is so cute! Takki’s smile!! ^^ And I love all the close-ups, even when the girl(s) are touching him all over hahaha~ This PV is made up of my favourite colour combi – black, white & red! Enbujo-colours :P Oh, and also that part where Takki dances alone (back dancers are frozen and less saturated). That’s quite cool! And I love the dance moves for the “Let’s shake the world” part~ When they do the moves together, it looks really good :)

Ai Kakumei PV - Takizawa Hideaki

Download from MF (25.5MB, grabbed from ~tube, courtesy of Nyanco!)

We can watch this in DVD quality soon!! This PV is attached to Jacket A of 愛・革命 (Ai Kakumei) single, which will be released on 7th January 2009. You can pre-order this from CDJapan or Amazon!

12 Responses to “Takizawa Hideaki – 愛・革命 PV”

  1. sannah says:

    So agree with you Mich….everything in this PV ….I love it! And he’s so handsome! And the dance move sugoi…..love it too…..especially when he makes the L sign with his hands….

    I like watching the opening and ending…he looks so happy and satisfied….can’t wait to see the DVD version….

  2. tomei says:

    umm. ( =”= ) It’s look…odd.

    I accept tono so nice in this pv but i don’t like about first and last part. it should to separate form song and be spacial part.

  3. simone says:

    I like this, it’s better than the clip we had seen before. His smile makes me melt every time. It will be great to have that PV along with the CD.

    I enjoyed the video clips with Koi Uta so much, and this is also something to look forward to.

  4. first love says:

    OMG, I can say nothing.the video clip is so 綺麗.I love golden hair,I love white suit,I love takki.* *

  5. 3aGRooB says:

    i enjoyed the video 2…

    takki as alwyes as cool as ever,,, XD

    everything is so great.. i watched so many times lol

  6. Stephi-chan says:

    Thanks so much for this!
    I loved it and the colors they used too. A part of me wished he would have been in a black suit with red and such, but he does look good in white too. XD

  7. bie04 says:

    Wuaaah, wanna watch this PV soon!!! I’m dowloading it…
    Wait, Takki-kun!!! lol

    Thx Mich and Nyanco^^

  8. Reiko says:

    sankyu so much, Mich & Nyanco, 4 upldg this lovely, kireii-PV! Watched and LOVED every bit of it, even tho it pains me to say that w/those girls’s hands around his face and that girl that’s hugging him so long. lol

    I, too, love blk/red/white combo. Such great colors, and blk & red is my favorite colors most of all, considering they’re also my hubby’s high school colors as well. (hehe)

    He looks kakkoii in white but I agree w/Stephichan too in a sense, I wished he was more in a blk, satin suit w/red. XDD

  9. bie04 says:

    Wuah, I’ve been watched it!!!
    It’s funny beat, I thought^^
    The furitsuke is like venus, ikanaide?! Hahaha I watched it…
    Takki is so white in there ^^

  10. jackesha says:

    i love you tackey

  11. joanaluar says:

    i cant download,it sais the owner dont let it :(…hummmm…

  12. michelle says:

    joanaluar~ this PV can be found in Ai Kakumei jacket A (CD+DVD) :)

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