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Tokyo-FM ON AIR MUSIC CHART 2009.09.27

Thanks to nyanco for providing her recording of yesterday’s radio program:
Download from MU / MF (58.76MB)

Takki was wearing a black coat, white t-shirt, black belt, black jeans & black shoes. There was a pair of sunglasses hanging on his pocket of the coat, a huge black watch, his usual necklace… and he was unshaven, and VERY OTOKOMAE!!!! (his unshaven look is very natural and sexy~~) His voice was so sleepy-sexy (like he just woke up hehe~)~~

That unshaven look, mitai!!!!!!

Because he was wearing the earphones thing, the hair at the top of his head was sticking out. He messed up the back of his hair, and that made his whole hairstyle look messy (haha, maybe it’s really like he just woken up from bed? lol~). Everyone laughed, and he was like “What are you all laughing about~” (lol), then he tried to straighten out the hair but it still keep sticking out… Everyone told him “it’s still sticking out! it’s still sticking out” and he went~ “Oi!” haha~

Takki looked at the fans who were there, and when he saw the cardboards held by fans, he laughed ^^ One fan wrote to ask him to update Takiren, and he nodded his head :)

After the recording, there were Johnnys fans who saw Takki at BICCAMERA at Yurakucho. He was wearing glasses. And he was also spotted shopping at Donkihote with Hina (Kanjani 8). At night, he was seen with Higashiyama-san at Kabukiza. Both of them were wearing black suits, and Takki was still wearing his glasses.

Tokyo-FM ON AIR MUSIC CHART 2009.09.27

3 thoughts on “Tokyo-FM ON AIR MUSIC CHART 2009.09.27

  1. Okay…so I was listening to this at work this morning instead of my ipod…and I love the sleepy-sexy Takki voice.
    Hehe…I let it repeat, oh…at least 3 times!!!
    I think I might just give up my ipod and listen to all my downloads of Takki instead. Though, my coworkers might think I’m whacked with a silly smile on my face the whole time.

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