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[8時だJ] 1998.05.06

I’m missing episode 3 (1998.04.29), where Takki was ‘Owari Jr’. But Sannah has uploaded a lower quality version of that episode here: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 (Although it says “disk 13”, it’s actually episode 3. Thanks, sannah!)

Now, here’s episode 4:

8jidaJ #04 1998.05.06
– Jr. no Kimochi (Ah, this is cute… There’s a question where the Jrs. have to choose if they’d prefer to act in A. Love story, or B. Hard action…And Takki chose B. His reason? Because he “loves PAIN” XD Yappari he’s “M” =P)
– Jr. Comedian (Hamada)
– J-1 Grand Prix (dive roll over X no. of Jrs.)
– Singing performance by guest (Tsu playing guitar)
– Jr. Theatre: Pretty Woman (Aiba)

8jida J episode 4

File size: 620.11MB (720×480)
Download (MU): 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007
Download (MF): 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007

If you’ve missed episode 2, you can get it here.

[8時だJ] 1998.05.06

6 thoughts on “[8時だJ] 1998.05.06

  1. Thanks Mich & Sannah!

    Takki looks so cute. Loved pain, huh…

    He actually had grown up a lot by the time he was really acting in a love story the following year.

  2. Thank you for the upload ^^

    And… uhm… is it normal to SQUEAL each and every time chibi-Pi shows up? ^^;;;;
    Such a cute girl _._

  3. simone~ yea, lol. i think he was already spotting the “hikaru-kun” hair then. Pi also said that he hates love stories. but with the kind of faces they have, it’s quite inevitable that they’ll be asked to do love stories hehe…

    kiara~ u’re welcome! haha, it’s normal yo. i was kyaaing at how pretty Pi was too. i really love seeing takki and pi together. they are like the prettiest combi ever! XD

  4. Thanks for the upload, Michelle and Sannah! Just wondering, is episode 3 supposed to be missing the Masterpiece theater segment? That part’s absent in the file I downloaded, and it’s been a while so I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a part when I first downloaded it… (oh, and the download links for part 1 and 3 of that episode is broken, I think)

  5. eirwen555~ i think the files were deleted… or they’ve expired. but whatever we have for the episode was shared previously, so i dun think u missed anything. not all the episodes i have are complete.

  6. Hello, I would like to know if you still have the episode 3 file? The links are expired. Thank you very much for your time.

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