Takki at Matchy’s V-day concert

Takki was special guest at Matchy-san’s Valentine’s Day concert (“J Rock Dream Matchy’09”) at the Budoukan. He performed “Ai Kakumei”, “Venus”, “Yume Monogatari”, etc. Fans said his hair colour hasn’t changed i.e. he hasn’t dyed it black for Enbujo yet. He was wearing a white top, grey jacket, black jeans in black boots. There was a short talk in between, he also sang Matchy’s “Yuukake no Uta” (which Takki often sings in Karaoke) with Matchy-san, and ended his performance with “Midnight Shuffle”. Kame from KATTUN also appeared during the show.

This is the 2nd year in a row which he spends Valentine’s Day with Matchy-san. Last year, T&T were guest at his concert, and it was released on DVD. I haven’t seen it yet though~~ Matchy-san will also be appearing in the VTR that Takki will produce/perform/plan/direct/etc/etc for the upcoming Enbujo’09 :)

3 more days to Enbujo’08 DVD release!!! It’s already “In Stock” at CDJapan, and Irene said our order is already “In Shipping Process”. Ahhhh… Hayaku…. I want to watch my precious Enbujo’08!!!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Takki at Matchy’s V-day concert

  1. sannah says:

    Thanks Mich for the update! Wow…I love to hear Takki sing midnight shuffle again. He used to sing that when he was still a junior.

  2. first love says:

    真的是连续两年情人节都和matchy san一起过了,难道这个会变成惯例了= =

  3. simone says:

    I guess Takki is still a good friend of “senpai” Matchy. I wonder if Matchy still takes him out drinking till 3 in the morning as they did once in L.A. (lol)

    I was so bury this weekend I almost forgot about the Enbujou ’08 Dvd. I hope Amazon.jp proves itself reliable! I am burning with impatience.

  4. michelle says:

    sannah~ yea, i like that song too :)

    first love~ 我也想听 XD 如果每年情人节能跟他敬爱的大前辈共度也不错啦~

    simone~ i think they drank till 6am then. i still remember takki’s “matchy… san” during kuricon’07. so funny~ and yea, and amazon’s price is so tempting!!!

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