Zubari 2006.10.03 4hr Special

Grabbed this clip off Clubbox yesterday. It’s the part where Takki visits Hosoki-sensei’s house and interviews her. KAWAIII~~~!! Totally cute! He holds a videocam and films throughout~ he looks so good close up too wor~! So funny when he saw the school girls in uniform lol~ and when he had to hide from Kazuchan! Awww, Kazuchan and Takki held hands while they walked out to the car~~


Woah~~ Kazuchan’s house is sooo nice! She must be filthy rich!! Takki couldn’t resist and kept exclaiming at many things in her house… He couldn’t resist her bathtub either lol.. I like the massage chair part~ so funny when Takki said “sumimasen” hahahaha… And Kazuchan fed Takki twice~~~ That jelly thing they were eating look so oishii!!


Tsubasa was also mentioned a few times~ Kazuchan kissed Tsuba’s writing of “chu chu chu ♥” on the postcard which she received from T&T… probably to make Takki jealous coz Takki only wrote one “chu” on it lol~ though I think he said that it was Tsuba who copied him. Takki immediately snatched the postcard away from her!

Takki was also asked what type of girls he like. He said he likes genki (did he also say “boyish”?) type, and prefers kawaii than kirei girls ♥

[Update 2010.02.19]
English subbed version posted.

49 thoughts on “Zubari 2006.10.03 4hr Special

  1. shuduck says:

    yep girl! HO HO HO! HO!Shutakky be the 1st to comment here!

    thanks alot,firstly!ss is gd lately yo yea^^

    btw,girl…hv u tot of placing a tagboard at the right side of ur site? so we cn crap stuff (misc unrelated 2 d each diff.posts.)..just a suggestion.hmm,cbox is easy to operate/serve u well hehe~

    thanks alot again girl! hv a nice day ahead JA!

  2. keigi says:

    hey, shu-DUCK.. i just bac frm lunch, if not guess i’m da 1st ONE yo~ ~ ~ HOHOHO ^^

    Thanks again, Michelle !!! Luv Luv Luv ~~~ v(n_n)v

  3. keigi says:

    aiya~ cannot DL da file in da office ne~ hv to wait. LOL~ both of them are sooo cute~ sending *CHU* to hosoki sensei.. & takki was like a small boy here .. ‘TSUBA IS A COPYCAT’!!!.. ho ho ho.. sooooo jealous ~

  4. ribi says:

    Kyaaa~~~ Guess I can only download this when I get back to work on Monday.. Ah…. *craves for Zubari*

    BUT I should be grateful since I cannot download from CB! So yaaaay! Thanks! ^^

  5. michelle says:

    shuduck, keigi & ribi, u’re welcome la~~~~:)

    i’m refraining from using tagboard coz after some time, it’ll attract spambots (like snuffles’) haa..

    lol hosoki-sensei is the luckiest woman on earth la~ get to hold hands with and feed our takkisama heh…

  6. shuduck says:

    hmm..i dun tink tht happens often. ,the cbox is awfully gd la.lol.dithers n snuffles r takin it easily in d their own way wht.((=

    consider la.

    hi ribi! ur name almost similar 2 wribbit..cos gt d alphabets within (= i m so crappy! saturday lazy afternoon yawn.i m gg bcum turning into a piggy pork soon.esp w d hazy weather urgh

  7. michelle says:

    ok, will consider haha.. ya lor, ribi and wribbit SOUNDS similar… the haze is really bad now.. when we just step out of the house only can smell it already.. everywhere also blur :/

  8. shuduck says:

    hiak hiak..ur regular is here!!!

    hehe btw, hope i din frighten u w my hideous montrous look todae girl. thx alot 4 d cd! ((= urgh u noe u tempted me 2 get d ONE pamphlet *ahem ..photobook alot..

  9. michelle says:

    hehe.. hi regular *waves* lol!!

    u where got hideous!! in fact u look very kirei~~ hee… the pamphlet is soooo freaking beautiful la~ especially that page of outdoor shots — kyaaaa until faint!

  10. shuduck says:

    kirei? whtz tth? sounds like eerie keke!!

    hmm the pamphlet is v.beautiful bt i m attracted 2 the greyscale-looking portraits more than the outdoor shots keke ((= actuali i 4got 2 tell u ytd..to u n wribbit tht pamphlet tht costs $30 over is ok reasonable cos whn i was stil schooling in nafa, we alwaz hv 2 go printing shops 2 print stuff 4 our works so therefore, 1 a4 piece is oredi $1 on 1 side…so plus binding n either matt finish or gloss, we will pay more than $50 oredi…esp whn it cums 2 test print, we will faint oredi…v.broke 1..we cn spend over $400 on juz merely a major proj..cos alot printing errors n testing..so txt stuff is nt v.ex hehe 4 me at least (=

  11. ribi says:


    Ah, glad to read that you kyaa~ed over the ONE pamphlet coz I kyaa~ed over it myself even though I am the Tsubasa fan!

    It’s so well-printed and so nice but I don’t dare to take it out and flip through it too often coz I am anal and I don’t like creases, fingerprints and whatnot to destroy the pamphlet… *haha*

    And yah, shuduck, you where got monstrous???!!!! So pretty still say like that! *bish*

    ribiwribbitribiwribbitribiwribbit – no wonder we like the same man too. *lol*

  12. michelle says:

    hehe~ yea, i love those black/white shots, as well as the outdoor shots~ he looks really cute in those! plus who can resist hadaka-takki lol~ hehe.. and that cute dimple :)

    i also dun dare to flip the pamphlet too much, scared spoil lor! shuduck, kirei = pretty. dunsay u look monstrous again ok or i’ll def *bish* you with ribi haha…

  13. shuduck says:

    haha thx alot girls! brighten up my day yO!! exactly!!! tht’s why! i dare nt flip too often too yo!!! worry cos i m so rough..and wun handle it well..bt haha,still ok cos i alwaz seems *ahem..seem 2 handle my projs my works design portfolio stuff well leh..so i tink shld be ok for me keke (=

    the outdoor ones shld be blown up bigger tsktsk..nt big enuf.!bt it seriously remind me of ho!summer!
    ribi,how’s d tsu bdae stuf done??still seeing stars??*******???or?? =p

    michelle,rest more ok. maybe dream more of takki stuff den u cn look more perky!!(= hmm btw, wht stuff do u wan me 2 look out 4 u tmr @ orchard w my frd ahh?

  14. michelle says:

    yea, they should have full pamphlet-sized shots of those ooutdoor shots la~~ my room’s always in a mess that’s why i can hardly find the stuff i want. but i’m starting to be really diligent.. labelling everything and putting everything neatly… (hopefully) lol~

    haha.. ribi pasting stars and seeing stars.. lol.. i think when she sleep at nite also see stars, stars, stars….

    toking abt dreams, i think i dreamt of takki & tsuba the past 2 nites! maybe coz i was watching sugao and harucon juz before i slept~ but strange, i can’t remember what the dreams are abt…

  15. ribi says:

    Wahahaha, I just sent out Tsu’s birthday card this morning (my eyes are literally crossed now X_x).

    I was so anxious that I actually SNUCKED out of office during office hours to do it! I feel so bad but I was like, I don’t want to do this during lunch where there’re so many people coz what if, they anyhow chuck the card and it gets lost???!!!

    Yesh yesh, I get paranoid sometimes.. Especially when it comes to Tsuba and T&T.. ^^;;;

    And Michelle!! I think I dreamt about Takitsuba yesterday night too!! Coz I have been like watching and watching Takitsuba! But the sad thing? I cannot remember my dreams – just woke up feeling really good and the last image before my brain totally woke up was Tsu! *rabu*

  16. michelle says:

    haha.. at least u remembered that tsu was the last thing u saw.. i can’t remember a thing.. i just knew it was Takitsuba! hahaha…

    and at least u can get to sneak out of office lidat~ i can’t la, will get slaughtered la haha… i’m also crossed eyed now, but for a diff. reason lolz~ think i’d better start wearing my specs again….

  17. shuduck says:


    i oso dreamt alot on takitsuba..bt i tink half is me tryin 2 engage on txt activities n half is txt smiling n waving happily on stage frm d darkness w spotlights shinning on them lol..keke..juz like a dream lo..

    hehe,hw big’s tht bdae card??ribi?? wah!!! gd gd ((= u r sending it 2 avex directly or??

    btw,does anyone noe where 2 get takkicon photobook?? i heard frm my frd it’s v.nice!!!alot takki beautiful pics!!! bt it’s nt @misexclusive or yesasia or cdjapan…she only saw it on yahoo jap auction pg…bt she was too late 2 auction 4 it..nere managed 2 get it last yr whn she went 4 takkicon loh…

    pls help spread ard 2 anyone ok gals? (= hehe thx alot here!!!

    ehh michelle,u oso put on specs??same here..i put on at home n sumtimes outside near my hse area…((= bt cos degree gettin higher due to over-extensive hrs in front of d comp, i gt new contact lens more convenient instead keke (=

  18. ribi says:

    Ah, I will be posting up the birthday card that I did for him on his birthday next week on my LJ. *heehee*

    Hehe, it’s pretty ugly coz I have no artistic talent. I hope I don’t scare him, especially with my horrible Japanese handwriting. And so many grammar mistakes I can faint coz I was thinking back and realised I phrased some sentences wrongly. I hope he understands what I am trying to say.. *sweatdrops*

    shuduck, have you tried looking for takkicon photobook on hk yahoo auctions already? I’ve just looked at yahoo! japan auctions last week and I think nothing so precious up for auction on T&T side but auctions change everyday so hope and hope! ^^

  19. michelle says:

    ah.. shuduck, i dun usually wear specs tho i am slightly shortsighted and have a bit of astiq. but recently i find my eyes going blur easily… like seeing double image~ so i think it’s time to get my specs on soon…

    ribi, can’t wait to see your bday card on LJ. oh, hk auctions? i dun think have lor.. i think they have some photos and stuff like that, but not the takkicon pamphlet…. :(

  20. michelle says:

    ling, eh.. how u wan me to send u? i think the dl limit is reached today so got to check again tml or.. where can i upload it to?

    btw i found a bucchake times vol. 44 i think~ out of the pile of mags! lol~ but that’s the one and only i guess… i’ll scan it and send it to u k, then u can translate lol~~ :)

  21. michelle says:

    lin, the file is 251mb, but gmail max email size is only 10mb… i can upload to other places like filefactory, megaupload, yousendit, etc etc… which one works for u? or if u teach me how to, i can ul to clubbox too!

  22. shuduck says:

    wht is ur LJ site?? i can add u in my link? My place is @ shutakky.mocasting.com hope 2 add u keke. then can see ur artpiece ^^

    i m feelin sick ..how i wish i cn find the takkicon book..my frd told me it’s all photos…less words 1..but i oso tink slim chance..nvm ))= i hope the dreamboy dvd n ONE pamphlet cn giv me sum consolations then ehh..

  23. ribi says:

    shuduck! Sure you can add me! ^^

    My LJ is http://www.livejournal.com/~ribi or alternatively, just click on my name at the comments coz I believe it just leads directly to my LJ instead of having to manually type it in.

    I’ve been reading your blog yo! ^___^
    I’m just this stalker of T&T fans… *laughs*

  24. michelle says:

    yay! ling~ enjoy watching the clip :)

    dukky, i think hard to find the conbook liao~ i replied ur email on the dreamboy & yumemo liao~ really so sleepy today la…. zzzzzzzzzz

    haha, ribi is a stalker!! which is good!! coz that’s how i emailed her in the first place lol~~ T♥T

  25. shuduck says:


    stalker ehh?? that’s ur part time job keke!
    good good! i will add u then! i hope u enjoyed @my place @ mocasting.com.. tht place is gd..cn keep my photos n portfolio too..(= wah if u ‘re a stalker of txt fans..u sure hv alot of places 2 run ard,Miss stalkeribi (=


    ling finishing up her baittou job this week rite? hmm..i noe it’s hard 2 find a conbook hehe bt i send out radars in the floating txt fangal world..hope my gakusei cn help me too..the awareness created alot gd feedbacks!! yeah!
    gosh,…u din listen 2 my advice?slp earlier la!!!!keke…or i tink u shld drink coffee..caffeine..keep urself awake @ work esp yo..

  26. michelle says:

    i tried sleeping earlier liao but yesterday my bro’s bday ma, so went out and came back late lor… and i’ve been drinking coffee and tea everyday.. i know it’s bad.. but.. *yawns*

  27. shuduck says:

    gosh..did u overdrink?? tried coke??=p

    hmm ok la..then wht time u wake up for work everyday?? u work on sat too rite? hmm..i tink for me, i oso wun ever get enuf rest n slp too..kekeke..understandable la.

  28. michelle says:

    haha. maybe overdrink la~ but i dun like to drink gassy drinks lor~ i’m always late for work la~ work starts at 8.30 and ends 6pm. but i wake up at 7.30 heh.. oh i work 1 sat per month… yesterday, i ki siao already~ slept so early wor! at 11.30pm haa.. gomen, i haven ordered the discs yet… pai seh…

  29. shuduck says:

    it’s ok. ehh… it’s nt ki siao loh.. i tink u shld alwaz slp around 11.30pm or earlier every nite..if nt easy old n bad for skin complexion.i tink morning u shld drink milk, coffee or milo (cocoa LOL!)

    ur workplace far frm home? u actuali shld wake uo ard 7am plus bah den dun needa so pia..hehe. i tink my training job hours in future is oso ard 8.30am-6pm so i m tryin my best 2 ask the company 2 find a nearer sch 2 me..so i dun needa return to waking up as early as 5plus everyday in d mornings like hw i did whn i was teaching in sec.sch! grrr..i will definitly doze off in front of tv at 11pm at nite during those time.

  30. michelle says:

    ya i shud try to sleep at ard that time but hard to coz there’s so many things to do with so lil’ time. by the time i get home already 7pm lor, then eat dinner, bath, and there’s only a few hrs left? lol~~ i used to fall asleep on the sofa at one stage haha

  31. ribi says:

    Michelle! Do you know if Isetan supermarket or Meidi-ya has the Meiji Cocoa in stock?

    The more I watch the Meiji CM (actually in my favourite clips folder in my laptop so I can watch it every night after Yoshitsune and Tsubasa!), the more I am craving for it. @___@

    I am sure it’s the drink itself but having Takki waking up in such a sensual manner and stirring the drink so enticingly makes me want it so badly now!

  32. michelle says:

    the last time i was at isetan, i couldn’t find it lor~ i’m also looking for it wor, takki the cocoa looks sooo yummy!!!

    recently my colleague bought this goldkili brand chocolate latte so i’ve been drinking it every morning! so yummy! but i bet meiji cocoa is more yummy than that hahahha….

    lol~ one day u’ll start calling takki ‘yoshitsune’ instead haha..

  33. shuduck says:

    girls..if i m not wrong , i spot the meiji cocoa drinks everywhere i go!

    i went bugis watsons..i saw it
    i went suntec..i saw it too..it’s everywhere!

    but it’s very ex leh..nice 2 drink? i lazy 2 prepare cos it’s contain-ised (lol,no such english word i noe)…i ‘d rather drink 3-in-1 packet fast n qucik..too lazy la.

  34. michelle says:

    huh? u saw it everywhere?? how come i can’t find it! oops~~ later i’ll check out the watsons @ j8… eh, it’s like 3-in-1 rite? juz put the powder in and add fresh milk? or add water? or something? lol~

  35. ribi says:

    OMG! Where have I been? I must definitely go check it out then. I am so so craving for it that it’s not even funny anymore. I dragged my friend all around from Isetan supermarket to Meidi-Ya to NTUC yesterday just to look for it!

    My teeny weeny brain & heart have been Yoshitsune/Takki-fried coz I LOVE YOSHITSUNE! I LOVE YOSHITSUNE! I LOOOOOOVE YOSHITSUNE! *screams*

    I love the Ichinotani battle so much – Yoshitsune was so kakkkoiiiiiii!! *screams some more*

  36. michelle says:

    YAY~ YOSHITSUNE-sama = ♥ !!!!!!!!!!!! (lol~ juz remembered abt takki’s hawaii trip, that the customs officer ask him to write his occupation as “samurai”! wahahaha~~)

    if u can find the meiji cocoa, lemme know k. by the time i finished the movie last nite, watsons already close lol~

  37. shuduck says:

    btw,wht has yoshitune-sama got to do with meiji cocoa? ehh???any connection??
    i really see it everywhere!!!trust me!!!but it’s so ex!!and i m like thinking..who wil drink if i buy home??noone’s interested in my family LOL..and i m lazy 2 prepare d drink..esp in d morning so sian..so ma fan la..too lazy..haha..i take ages 2 drag myself out frm bed oredi..hw cn i possibly prepare cocoa lol..
    btw,the meiji drink is readily available in overseas yahoo auction,ribi..if u’re rili interested…bt tsk tsk..it’s so ex oso..!!!!might as well get frm singapore..same same.

  38. michelle says:

    eh? dakki, if u want a connection, here you go: yoshitsune-sama -> takki -> meiji cocoa. there! u can also drink meiji cocoa while watching yoshitsune~ so that’s another connection lol! aiya i watched the last epi of yoshi again last nite, this time with the eng subs (lousy tv rip quality) so that i can understand better… then alamak, end up crying again lor~

  39. shuduck says:

    i hate superly detesting the silly ending episode of SUN NEVER SETS !!!!taiyou no kisetsu !!! sick ending!!! silly!!!dun like !!!
    angry !! sumtimes i rili (put aside my identity as a takki txt fan)..i will actuali hate d silly male lead takki inside the show!!! he causes everything all the bad things right frm d start! his fault!!sobz!!! i was watching this silly sad ending as well as my fav. tvb drama’s sad ending n suffered double blow!!!
    ahem..ur takki cocoa n yoshitune sama connection failed lol.retry again? ?

  40. michelle says:

    ya, takki act a bit fan3 pai4 in this lor, but not totally evil also, sometimes juz wanna smack tatsuya for being so silly! haha. but damn sad lor the ending, tho the most ‘power’ crying session i had was still yoshitsune~~ and no more trying to rack my brains for connections! my head is splitting.. i want my bed. i tink i need some sleep.

  41. shuduck says:

    avoid his sad dramas girl..go watch those happier ones AHEM tho’ i dun rmb him acting many happy dramas lol.((=

    go watch a comedy soon la.u crack ur brain like coconut recently for all d stuff,esp d tkts.!!

  42. michelle says:

    yup, i did (crack my brain like coconut), and i did (watch his happy dramas) lol! i watched KYON again lol~~ juz bits here and there, but that drama is really quite a comedy la.. so kawaiii~~~ hahahhaa…

  43. Trish says:

    MICHELLE….THANK YOU SOOO MUCH…finally ss has shown some mercy on me.MU’s always a honey…ahh well..I LOBE LOBE LOBE LOBE TAKKI-SAMA.

    Hosoki is one real piece of lucky meat on planet earth yo! Wish i could jux trade places with her for 1 day.Dun mind being a 60 yr old woman & everyone knows why…lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

    Btw where did you get this clip from? Can you gimme the link…or email me the link…I might try and get some more takki shots+ryo shots…nowadays Ryo-chan’s tongue lashings has awaken quite some of my senses…>

  44. michelle says:

    yep, she’s officially the luckiest woman alive! erm, this clip? i got it off clubbox, but i can’t remember which clubbox, sorry it’s so long ago hahahaha~~ and erm, ryo?

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