Zubari Clips (Aug & Sept 2006)

Here are some recent Zubari clips that I uploaded. Don’t want the links to go to waste~ Arigatou, Bon-chan (and Bon-chan’s friend, Nikki) for the raw files! ^^

[Zubari 2006.08.15] Clip – Takki’s NGs (2nd Ann. special)
Download Clip (38.02MB) @ Sendspace


[Zubari 2006.09.05] Clip – How to write Rirekisho (Takki Part Only)
Download here (6.51MB)
** Re-uploaded on 8th March 2008.


[Zubari 2006.09.12] Clip – Body Relax Challenge
Download Clip (62.49MB) @ Sendspace
Download full episode (258.68MB) @ Sendspace


[Zubari 2006.09.19] Clip – Brushing Heels
Download Clip (45.27MB) @ Sendspace
Download full episode (237.49MB) @ Sendspace


There will be a 4hr special episode of Zubari on 4th Oct. And they’ll show Takki visiting Kazuchan’s house, holding a videocam filming himself and everything. Can’t wait to watch that episode!

21 thoughts on “Zubari Clips (Aug & Sept 2006)

  1. Sarah says:

    thanks for uploading these!!
    I have a question though, for the Body relax challenge and the Brushing heels, you have the links for the clip and the full ep. I’m guessing the clip has the best part featuring Tackey, but for the rest of the ep, does he have big parts?
    I would download the whole ep but my comp is running out of space quick because of Takki’s dramas! =P
    Aye~..until I get myself a DVD burner -.-” and by then, the links may have already expired…=(

  2. akatsuru01 says:

    Hey, Mic-Chan~~

    Can u do the same 4 me too and upld these on sendspace or YSI for me? Thanx! I’d need the full epis…if not, whatever u have, ne? Thanx! I SO wanna c Takki @ Kazuchan’s house!! lolz

  3. michelle says:

    hey sarah, actually Takki appears throughout the entire episodes, coz he’s the host deshou? he sits besides the guest most of the time, and sometimes does the interviewing too. there are bits and pieces of kawaii takki parts spreaded thruout the episode~ i juz got a dvd burner not too long ago~

    reiko-chan, these links are already on sendspace!! :)

  4. shuduck says:

    thank u michelle.u noe, it’s really tough on u for trying ur best to spread takki love/awareness online *
    anytime u need help, pls tell me ok (=
    thanks alot for the vids here (=

  5. shuduck says:

    u noe wht, we shld one day actualli try gather all txt sg fans n go 2 japan together..n hv an online club (for takkitsuba u noe)..an official one..maaa..that idea seems so nice yo.

  6. shuduck says:

    i cant wait for the 4hr show to show!!!! gosh…can u imagine one fine day if txt ever hv a variety show together n they start usin d video cam 2 cam each other’s house….awwww….that’s heaven..juz 2 tink ! muahaha

  7. shuduck says:

    hi michelle,
    can u try using filefactory.com..maybe it’s faster than sendspace.com… i tried filefactory n works faster for my side. thx.

  8. snuffles says:

    Hey Michelle, otsukare sama~ for spreading the love ne! =333

    Actually Shuduck, me, Yvie and Loracyn tried to come up with a fansite for Takki before but work took all our time away so that initiative was left hanging… Plus, none of us were good at website building… =(

  9. shuduck says:

    wht kind of website building u r referring to? so far i tink css is fine ah..(= if dreamweaver or wht is too difficult.(=

    hmm..time is really a crucial role hor. i get wht u mean.

    actuali at present,i m stil a fulltime homebased graphic artist so cn actuali spend alot time on txt-ism bt i’ve bin plannin alot 2 turn fulltime designer outside ..for more exposure bt i m stil tinking/considering cos 4 us,designers alwaz OT till sumtimes 10-11pm at nite w no OT pay..and work on saturdays till 2-3pm oso..so i m actuali left w a sunday for rest..tt leaves 2 no txt activities..T_T i duno how. i m stil tinking.

  10. akatsuru01 says:

    Shuduck…u noe wat…that ‘online TxT fanclub’ gathering sounds like a great idea. I’m all for something like that some day, yo. I think it’ll b a really neat thing if we can all come together in one place (like Japan) and all meet somewhere and jus talk/meet/kyaaaa about T&T/Takki. lolz It’ll b priceless. ^.^

  11. ryther says:

    ah~ thanks for the uploads honey~haven’t watch all of these on local TV coz I’ve got no idea how or when is it aired! ^__^;

    I’m a slcaker in both,T&T and study…*sigh* how am I suppose to study when T&T is all I can think about?

    seems like we cannot buy a local notebook here-coz it won’t function in English..hopefully Mac would be okay

  12. michelle says:

    ryther, i thot these episodes were already aired? actually i’m not sure what’s the tele system like over there hehe…

    hey snuffles, loracyn, yvie, shuduck, ahh. if u all want, can always help out here ma though it’s really time consuming heh… and all of us are like working “adults” liao lor~~ *points to self* some more i think i’m the oldest of the lot hahahhaa…

  13. shuduck says:

    no prb..hw u wan me 2 help out? where’s loracyn n yvie?? i dun see them ‘around’ …T_T

    akatsuru01, why ur name has numerical value ?? =p
    yes yes. it’ll be gd 2 meet uppp!!i cn hardly wait!!!!

  14. keigi says:

    Woo~ thanks again, Michelle~ Otsukaresama~ *massaging Michelle* hehe.. MG!! look at his smileee (^-^*) … fainted liao ~

    So desu ne, shuduck~ great idea! I can imagine that yo. How good ne, if they could hv a variety show 2gether. But, much more tiring for da fans desho? busy uploading & saving files.. ahahaaa~ demo, shiawase ne~

  15. michelle says:

    yea. i guess it’s tiring but it’s good exposure for them yo~ the more shows the merrier! haha.. both takki & tsubasa want their own show! i think they’re the only ones w/o their own tv show? ahh.. and tonight’s the heyx3 3hr special!!! arhhh.. can’t wait to watch it!!!

  16. shuduck says:

    its time they buy another tv n it’s time they watch their own variety show on tht very television.

    maa…i really hope they buy a love nest n reside there as time goes by..cnt imagine hw sweet it will be.((=

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