Meiji Cocoa CM!!

The new Meiji Cocoa CM is out!! Thanks for the tip, Bon-chan!! And OMG~~~ I was kyyaaaing all the way to heaven!!! Look at that body!!!! **HALF-HADAKA** wahahaha~~

[EDIT: Added Video and Screen Captures]
Download here (30s clip – 4.71MB)
Download here (15s clip – 2.54MB)
**Re-uploaded on 30th November 2007.


The video still can’t be saved, so you have to watch it from the site. Click on the “CM Making Report”, then on the left side, you’ll see a “TV-CM Streaming”. Choose to view either the “30s” or “15s” clip. Oh, and these are the posters~



I’m not really the cocoa kind, but after watching this CM, I really wanna drink THAT!! Looks so delicious, the packaging looks cool too hehehe….

[Video Credit: Naughtiest]

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