[Subs] J’J Takizawa Hideaki Episode 1 – 2013.01.07

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to take on this project and really appreciate Marie’s help in the translations! Also thanks to Mimi for letting me use her raws. Here’s the first episode. Hope you will enjoy watching it as much as we did! ;)

J’s Journey #1 (2013.01.07)
With English subtitles
Translated by Marie & subbed by Mich
Raw by Mimi
Duration: 22min 29s

DL  (720×406, mp4/h264, 182.51mb)

As usual with our fansubs, please do not re-upload to any other sites. Do feel free to direct people over to this post if needed. Thank you very much.

26 Replies to “[Subs] J’J Takizawa Hideaki Episode 1 – 2013.01.07”

  1. thank you for your kind. ^^

  2. Mich and Marie, thanks so much!

  3. Hontoni Arigatou…!!!!

  4. thank you for taking your time to sub the show!

  5. Muchas gracias! I love this!

  6. Thank you so much for subbing this! :-)

  7. Thank you for taking this on.
    It’s very interesting, not only because of the beautiful landscape but because we can see a lot of Tacki’s personality.
    I hope you will continue.

    Muchas Gracias!

  8. Thank you !!!

  9. taking this..
    thank you so much..=)

  10. Thank you very much!

  11. thank you ~S2

  12. Thank you so much!


  14. I haven’t been here for a while and only now i’ve realized, someone has picked up this project. YAY! THanks so much, i’ll be taking it from this one til the latest one!

  15. thank you so much! :DD

  16. Thank you …… :)

  17. Wa! Didn’t know this existed, thank you for subbing and uploading it! Never thought I’d see Takki looking nervous

  18. Thank you so very much♥
    I appreciate this~! :D

  19. thank you so much for your hardwork!!! :)

  20. Thanks for uploading the subs!

  21. Thank you so much!

    I love u lol~

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