[Subs] Kokuchisezu Preview (Making Of) 2008.11.15

Phew~ It’s still 25th December!! I thought I won’t be able to get this up by today ^^ This is our Christmas present for you guys – from Mich & Nyanco! Douzo :)

Drama SP, Kokuchisezu, Preview (Behind-the scenes)
On Air Date: 15th November, 2008
Subtitles: English
Duration: 38min 21s
File size: 391.40MB
Subbed by: Mich & Nyanco

About this clip: Behind-the-scenes of Drama SP “Kokuchisezu”, including footage from the Premiere Bullet Tour, first reading of the script, filming in Yamanashi and in Guam. Tacchi brings Takki around to many secret spots in Guam, and there, Takki tried many “first”s in his life XD While the drama is filled with emotions and tears, this “Making Of” is filled with fun and laughter! It’s overloaded with Takki kawaii-ness!! XD

Tackey and Tacchi - Kokuchisezu Preview Subs

Download MEGA *converted to mp4 & re-up on 25 Jan, 2015

Hope you’ll enjoy watching the clip as much as we did subbing it!! Please do not upload to other sites without permission, but please feel free to share the link to this post, to share the Takki goodness :) Have a Merry Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!! XD

29 Responses to “[Subs] Kokuchisezu Preview (Making Of) 2008.11.15”

  1. simone says:

    Thanks Mich & Nyanco! All those lovely Takki smiles…

  2. leelin says:

    arigato gozaimasu Mich and Nyanco for the subbing..MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO BOTH OF YOU.

  3. sannah says:

    Thanks for subbing this Mich and Nyanco…..Can’t wait to rewatch and understand everything being said in this video……Takki looks so happy here and lots of fun moments with the Tacchi(he’s cool for his age)…….

    Thanks again Ladies…….!Good job! Ganbatte for more!

  4. love says:

    thanks a lot, mich and nyanco…
    you guys are the best, as always…^^

  5. tesshi says:

    thanks for the subs! grabbing the MU links~

  6. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much Mich and Nyanco! Merry Christmas! I am so looking forward to seeing this with subs

  7. glenda says:

    When, what to my wondering eyes should appear but English subs of Kokuchisezu Preview…ARIGATOU!! Nyanco & Mich this is a lovely Christmas present :)

    Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all to download these links! :p

  8. tomei says:

    thank you so much with eng subs. happy when i can understand conversation ^ ^.

    I just know japan not have loudly cruch ice&fruit machine. – w – love shot when tacchisan was gave hat crip to tono ne. kawaii~

  9. Yuu says:

    wouh~! Arigatou~!!
    nice christmas present (>D

  10. sai says:

    thank youfor sub
    Merry Christmas na ka
    i wish your will
    happy ^^

  11. vierran says:

    Merry Christmas, and thank you for subbing this!

  12. untouchable_girl says:

    What an awesome gift! Thanks for subbing! You guys rock!!! :D

  13. D2pink says:

    Wow! Nice to see this video clip being subbed.
    Thanks a lot Mich & Nyanco!

    BTW, did you cut some part out of the original video clip? The one I have is 45 mins long but this subbed one is only 38 mins… Well, I could download it and check by myself anyway…

  14. suki says:

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. sannah says:

    Mich…..I wish there will be an action duo dr

  16. sannah says:

    Mich….I wish there will be an action drama coming of Tacchi and Takki ne…..I love the part where they are gun-shooting. Takki looks so Kakkoii!

  17. i_heart_takki says:

    thanks alot!!!
    tis is great !

  18. michelle says:

    i forgot to mention, we have removed 2 parts of the original clip, which aren’t relevant to takki – that entire section where the actor and the boy went around yamanashi prefecture, and also the short section at guam memorial hospital, of tachi-san and watari-san. the rest of the show are intact. (thanks, D2pink! :D)

  19. farahedison says:

    yay!!! thank u so much for this

  20. Poline says:

    thanks a lot !!!

  21. angky says:

    Thank you so much mich!!!
    I don’t have the clips yet. ^ o ^

  22. HikaEru says:

    Uwahhh~!!! Tackey~
    You’re so kind… Thanks m(____)m
    I also have a lot of Tackey stuff
    that I would like to share with Tackey’s fans…
    But… Too bad that I’m not at home now… (T-T)
    So sad…
    I miss Tackey Enbujou and everything…
    BTW Thanks again m(___)m

  23. shalar says:

    thank you for subbing this, he is soooooooooo cute.^__^

  24. sandsbermudo says:

    Hi, it’s my first time in your site. I’m so glad and thankful to the moderators for i can only see takki and keep updated at your site.
    Happy Bday to Takki-san.

  25. Veee says:

    Hello Mich! Do you know where I can get this drama w Eng subs? Arigatou!

  26. michelle says:

    veee~ i’m still subbing this one ne… it shud be the next one to be released ba… but i need some time hehe…

  27. faricsyung says:

    Taking this too!~ Thank you. ^0^

  28. Azazel says:

    can anyone tell me where to log-in? :(

  29. naochii says:

    sankyuu for this ~~ taking this <3

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