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[Subs] [Drama SP] Kokuchisezu

Finally got this one completed, again with the help of Marie!! 39!! ^^

告知せず Kokuchisezu
(The Withheld Notification)
TV Asahi 50th Anniversary Drama SP
O/A Date: 15 November 2008
Ratings for the premiere prefectures: 24.8% (Osaka), 24.5% (Nagoya), 19.6% (Tokyo), 22.1% (Sapporo), 21.0% (Fukuoka)

Hasegawa Seiji (Watari Tetsuya), a surgeon who specializes in respiratory organs, believes that informing patients of their illnesses will help them fight it to the end. But one day, his wife Touko (Takahata Atsuko) is diagnosed with cancer of the small intestines. When it comes to his own wife, he finds himself shaken. Takizawa Hideaki plays their only son, Ryo, a medical intern…


Duration: 1hr 57mins 25s
Video size: 704×396
File size: 996.05 593.65MB
Download @ MF  / MEGA *Converted to mp4 & re-up on 1 Feb 2014 / 25 Jan 2015.

Much of this drama was filmed in Guam. If you missed the super adorable Behind-the-scenes’ English subs, you can find the downloads here :)

21 more days ~♥

[Subs] Kokuchisezu Preview (Making Of) 2008.11.15

Phew~ It’s still 25th December!! I thought I won’t be able to get this up by today ^^ This is our Christmas present for you guys – from Mich & Nyanco! Douzo :)

Drama SP, Kokuchisezu, Preview (Behind-the scenes)
On Air Date: 15th November, 2008
Subtitles: English
Duration: 38min 21s
File size: 391.40MB
Subbed by: Mich & Nyanco

About this clip: Behind-the-scenes of Drama SP “Kokuchisezu”, including footage from the Premiere Bullet Tour, first reading of the script, filming in Yamanashi and in Guam. Tacchi brings Takki around to many secret spots in Guam, and there, Takki tried many “first”s in his life XD While the drama is filled with emotions and tears, this “Making Of” is filled with fun and laughter! It’s overloaded with Takki kawaii-ness!! XD

Tackey and Tacchi - Kokuchisezu Preview Subs

Download MEGA *converted to mp4 & re-up on 25 Jan, 2015

Hope you’ll enjoy watching the clip as much as we did subbing it!! Please do not upload to other sites without permission, but please feel free to share the link to this post, to share the Takki goodness :) Have a Merry Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!! XD

[Scans] Tackey & Tsubasa – Duet 01/2009

Takki looks gorgeous in skinny tie, white shirt & black outer suit (the inside is pink!). Yea, I love that solo shot~ it just reminds me of Kamen! I also like his smile in that pic with the exercise ball :)

Tackey and Tsubasa in Duet Takizawa Hideaki in Duet Tackey and Tsubasa in Duet Tackey and Tsubasa in Duet
Tackey and Tsubasa in Duet Tackey and TsubasaChristmas and New Year Messages in Duet Takizawa Hideaki Kokuchisezu drama premiere in Duet

Scanned by NYANCO :)

[Scans] TV Navi 12/2008

2p of Takki interview + 1p of Kokuchisezu :)

Takki interview in TV Navi December 2008 Takki interview in TV Navi December 2008 Kokuchisezu in TV Navi December 2008

Last page is scanned by Kat (arigato~ ^^;), coz I didn’t even flip through the mag, and totally forgot that there was also a Kokuchisezu page *whacks self*

[Scans] Korette shinsen desu ne Vol. 53

Takki and Tacchi – Part 2 :)

Korette shinsen desu ne - Tokyo Walker - Vol 53 Korette shinsen desu ne - Tokyo Walker - Vol 53

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