[Subs] [Clip] MechaIke 2008.05.31

I’ve decided, Subs are opened till further notice. It’s always a dilemma~ how to spread the love yet stay away from the prying eyes of…… :S Please do not re-post/re-upload the file elsewhere without permission. But do feel free to direct people who might be interested over to this post. Thanks.

Mechamecha Iketeru, 31st May 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa – Koi Uta
Subtitles: English
Duration: 7mins 34s
File size: 91.64MB
Translation, QC: nyanco
Edit, timing, typesetting, encoding: mich

About this clip: Hilarious stuff~~ T&T meet an old friend from their junior days, Okamura-san. And 4th of June, the release date of Koi Uta, happens to be “Cavity Prevention Day”, so under the direction of Okamura, while Takki tries to sing “Koi Uta” properly, Tsubasa appears as a …….. XD


Download: MEGA *updated 18 Jan, 2015

And because I was trying to complete this clip (subbing this clip was way harder than I expected lol~), I haven’t managed to post about the 3 appearances yesterday – Mezamashi doyou, Osama no brunch, and Music Fair 21. Those will come up soon. Sorry for the delay. This rush is killing me~~~ But I don’t mind doing all these if only the sales will pick up.

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  1. leapinglucas says: Reply

    You and Nyanco are angels. Really looking forward to it. I know you have been going flat chat on this. Omedetou!

  2. Thank you so, so much; I only got some of the things they were saying so this is a godsend! *___* I really do think that subs and these kinds of uploads are the best way to spread the love, and get everyone to see just how amazing takitsuba are!

    Thank you again!

  3. Thank you so much for subbing! Both of you :)
    You are assistant angels of chief angel Takki :)

  4. thank you for working so hard to help us understand just how funny our boys are!

  5. whoa, thank u!
    It’s so nice to watch this with sub. Tsu’s nerdy glasses is very cute.

  6. evergreenoflife says: Reply

    jksdkasjkdg yay! Thank you for the subs! ^^

  7. thank you!

  8. Thank you so much

  9. Mich, you are awesome. Thank you so much for the subbing.
    BTW, I read from wribbit’s site that TT had done something really Kyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa….when they were at the special meeting events. Still waiting for somebody to report. Those boys are getting more and more open ne…

  10. Oh goodie! Now I get to flail all over again but will be able to understand why beyond the fact that they are kawaii :p

    Thanks, ladies!!

  11. Wow! Thank you very much!!! Finally i can watch it with eng sub….Thankz again!!! Love you!!! >.

  12. Hmmm…how to Download from megaupload?I can’t download it…huhuhuhuhuhu….T.T

  13. Thank you, Mich! It’s so much funnier when I don’t just understand 25% of it. *__*

  14. hihi~ i just added the MF link :)

  15. Wow! Thank you very much! Actually, i have a problem with MU…so, really really thank you for MF link…>.

  16. Hmmm…can i upload it in my Multiply?

  17. sumomo_yuki says: Reply

    Tq for sharing!!!! yay~

  18. katherinekate says: Reply

    Thank you soooo much for subbing this, grabbing your MU link. Watched it raw and found it really cute now I can watch it and not miss out at all with your subs. Thanks again.

  19. thank you so much! :)

  20. thanks a lot!

  21. thank you so much for this list! i saw mecha mecha iketeru on dailymotion and couldn’t stop laughing; i didn’t know where to DL it and i found it here!

  22. thank you for subbing and sharing~~!

  23. Mich…thanks ….

  24. blueberrycappucino says: Reply

    i love them
    imai is so cute
    poor takki
    tenkyuu for subbing this

  25. sankyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    love this promo!
    i’m waiting for the channel @ sub.. its funny…

  26. Thanks! :D

  27. thank you very much these guys are very nice

  28. Oh wow, I downloaded this raw forever ago. I had no idea there were subs!

  29. sailormoon89 says: Reply

    hahaha!! so funny ..
    tsubasa so cute XD
    poor tackey …hehehe

  30. they’re so adorable! thanks a lot!

  31. Thank you so much for subbing this-they’re just so adorable :D

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