[Subs] NHK Studio Park 2005.12.10 (Part 1/3)

Another release :) But for people who haven’t finished “Yoshitsune”, you might want to stay away from this for the time being, as there are *SPOILERS* up to the 2nd last episode. Due to the length of the clip, we’ve split it into 3 parts, and this is the first part.

NHK Studio Park, 10th December 2005 (Part 1/3)
Takizawa Hideaki – Yoshitsune
Subtitles: English
File size: 160.19MB
Duration: 21min 20s
Subbed by: Mich, Nyanco & Bon-chan

About this clip: Takki was guest on NHK’s Doyou Studio Park on 10th Dec 2005, a day before the final episode of “Yoshitsune”. He talks about his passion for playing a whole year of Yoshitsune. In fact, rehearsals started way back in 2003, and filming in 2004. This first part is about the filming process, Takki working with well-known actors, how he handled his emotions, etc… and includes VTRs from the very first day of filming, glorious battle scenes, and a series of sad scenes as well…

Takki in NHK studio park - english subs

Download MEGA *updated 1 Feb, 2015

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12 Replies to “[Subs] NHK Studio Park 2005.12.10 (Part 1/3)”

  1. thanx for your upload file ne

    takizawa kun totemo kakkoi na >_

  2. thank you so much for all the hard works, mich, nyanco and bon-chan !!!
    thank you so much for subbing and sharing this !!!
    *hugs and kisses* \^o^/

  3. tq for sharing!

  4. Mich, Nyanco & Bon-chan….thank you so much for sharing…..I love YOSHITSUNE…..Takki’s FINEST!

  5. thanks a lot, Mich, Nyanco & Bon-chan
    finally I can understand what they said,TT

  6. evergreenoflife says: Reply

    Thanks a lot for subbing this!!
    Can’t wait to get home so that I can DL it, sounds really interesting!!

  7. arigato gozaimasu, nyanco, bon-chan and mic..yes, i understand better now..yes, yoshitsune…mich…amazon offer @ Yen29700 for yoshitsune again…should i, so tempted leh..

  8. Mich, Nyanco, Bon-chan: domô arigatô gozai masu!!

    leelin: go for it! It is a wonderful series, made me into a Takki fan.

  9. Mich, nyanco & Bon-chan…thanks for sharing & all your hard efforts and work put into translating.

    D/l it…will watch at home. And yes, I agree w/sannah in that, Yoshi IS Takki’s FINEST. *claps*

  10. Thank s girls for the good job, and thanks for sharing, you guys are great! Looking forward to the rest of it^^

  11. yipeeee thank u thank i veri much

  12. Just finished Yoshitsune…zipped through the first 38 eppies in a week. The last 11 eppies were torturous for me. I couldn’t bear to see Tono betrayed and the eventual ending. sob sob…
    Thanks for the translations, I love Takki’s Yoshitsune and Satomi Hakkenden look.

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