[Subs] [Drama SP] Kimi ga kureta Natsu

Yatta!! I’ve completed this project!!!! I owe a lot to Nyanco who helped me loads with the translations!! *hugs* This is my biggest project so far, and I’m happy to present Kimi ga kureta Natsu with English subtitles.

Kimi ga kureta Natsu / The summer you gave me

24hr TV Drama SP (18 August 2007)
Rating: 23.3%
Duration: 1hr 41mins 02s
Subtitles: English


DL @ MF (704×396, MP4, 702MB)
*re-uploaded on 17 January, 2018

I’ve always felt that it’s not easy to capture the audiences’ hearts with something as short as a movie or drama SP, but this one has done just that. Anyway, as I spent loads of time researching wikis and dictionaries, I’d appreciate it if this file is not re-uploaded anywhere without my permission. Please feel free to direct people who might be interested over to this post :)

139 thoughts on “[Subs] [Drama SP] Kimi ga kureta Natsu

  1. bon-chan says:

    its finished!! OMEDETOU~!!!! did u see how D-fansubs dropped kimi ga off their to-do list? XD

    thank god u decided to do this project! *HUGS*

  2. bunsie says:

    :000 I guess I have no excuse to not finish watching it now! Thanks, Michelle and Nyanco! Would you mind if I directed people to your website from my lj community?

  3. Reiko says:

    *treats Mich to dinner & wine* Omedetou, Mich for taking on this project of doing subs for this dorama. Funny too because I just started watching 1st part (d/l from somewhere else; HQ DiVix vers.) and got interested. Was wondering ‘when’ someone was gonna post Engl. subs for this.

    Great!!*hugs*chu* Wow…was it difficult in doing this or was it sort-of ok since you know Chinese lang.?

    Again…my congrats (and hats off) to you. *clap clap* YOU’RE DA BEST!!!! ^_^

  4. glenda says:

    I logged in and this was the LAST thing I expected to see! What a very very nice surprise ^_^ This is going to be great! I know exactly what Sarah & I will be doing Sunday–forget the Super Bowl we have this!! We are forever grateful to you and Nyanco. Arigatou! ^_^

  5. Reiko says:

    Hey, Mich…just as an FYI…do u plan to do Yukinojo Henge for Engl. subs? (just curious…) I know it’s too much to ask and I’m not planning on asking you, as I know you’ve just taken on this project to begin with. *so taihen*

    But, if you come across anyone who does or did, can you let me know? Thanks! XDD *chu chu*

  6. skammie says:

    I LOVE YOU, MICHELLE!!! hahha
    I give you and Nyanco 1000 awesome points for doing this! =D

    Speaking of subbing/translating, if you wanted to ask Nyanco about that scene in Taiyo, that may be helpful. And if she’s interested in subbing that with you, I don’t mind if I back out of this project…I feel horrible for delaying it =( I’ve contacted my friend again and he’s just being a lazy bum about translating; not that he’s unwilling to do it. Anyway, let me know. If you and Nyanco work well together, then by all means, go for it!! =)

  7. yukilin says:

    Hey.. sorry for asking this but can anyone plz help me with the hjspilt software… i dunno how to join the files together….>

  8. Brokenwings says:

    I’m really waiting for long time for someone who sub this drama because I really want to understand for the story of this child.Anyway if it’s not too hard for you could you please sub ONE! the history of tackey too!
    I really want to understand what happen or what he said

  9. Reiko says:

    Thankx, nyanco, too for all your helping to sub this w/Mich as well. ^_^ *hugs*

    Yes, I agree w/brokenwings here…will someone pleaaase sub One! and Yukinojo Henge *onegaishimaaaasu?* (anyone?):P And Takizawa Enbujo wouldn’t hurt either…gomenasai ne. *bows*

  10. leapinglucas says:

    Yatta, Michelle and nyanco. Congratulations! It’s a huge job. I will need to stock up on kleenex first, though. Thank you so much.

  11. pina_colada says:

    Thanks so much for subbing this drama. I cried from the beginning till the end of the drama.

    As for Takizawa Enbujou, someone has already subbed it.

  12. michelle says:

    bon-chan~ i din know d-fansubs removed it from their list ne! thanks for ur help with some of the wordings *hugs*

    skammie~ hmmm… i’ll check with nyanco first and get back to u again? hehe, ur poor friend ^^;

    brokenwings~ i’m trying not to touch takki’s butai’s official releases, unless really really necessary ne~ sigh…

    reiko-chan~ i think no one is subbing yukichan at the moment. jidaigekis are harder to translate i guess…

    yukilin~ u have to download all the parts and save them to the same folder. then run hjsplit, choose “join”, and browse for the .001 file. once u activate “join”, it’ll automatically work to join the files to form the .avi file <- this is the file u use to watch (u can delete the .001 to .009 parts after they are joined successfully). if u still have problems, lemme noe. minasan~ douitashimashite, hope u all enjoy the drama! and please don't kill me if u find any mistakes *runs*

  13. minitokyo says:

    Wow.. Thank soooo much for subbing this Special Drama of Tackey.

    P.S Michelle, I just want to ask if you have any plans of subbing the other videos of Tackey and Tsubasa like guestings, performance, etc. Because I really want to understand what are they saying. I hope you will have this project in the future.

    I will wait for your answer… Thanks again for your hardwork.

  14. yukilin says:

    Hey Michelle… thanks for ur help… i finally can watch this drama.. i’ve been waiting for it…lol.. thanks for ur hard work….

  15. Brokenwings says:


    Someona already sub Takizawa Enbujo ne but I can’t post hear E-mail me if you want to know because you already got my mail right? Anyway they already sub dreamboy which tackey act too.

  16. Reiko says:

    To brokenwings: Ah…hai! *runs to email now* I’ll email u asap. Hopes u can send me the Enbujou Engl. subbed vers. 4 this…arigatou ne~ *hugs*

    To Mich: Ah…ic. It’s ok then. I’m gonna tryyy to ask my Japanese friends from Japan then to help me w/the subbing of Yukichan. IF I’m successful, I’ll let you know. From there, I’ll email you w/the subbed vers. (but this is IF I they can help me 1st)

  17. violet83 says:

    Hi, I am new here. Thanx for the sub, Michelle! I am so glad that at last, I can understand it.

    Reikochan, can you please tell me where to get the subbed version of Enbujo and Dreamboy? I have been searching for a version with subtitles for a long time.

    I dun have your email. Sorry. If you have the time, can you please write me a mail, please?

    My email: l_aiwee83@yahoo.com.

    Thanx a lot!

    As for One!. Does anyone know whether a version with subtitles will be released?

  18. Sana says:

    Thank you for subbing this, Michelle! It was really an amazing project to take on! I watched it raw before, but it will be great to watch it again with subs. I thank both you and Nyanco for doing this! :)

  19. smilefortina says:

    Thank you Michelle and Nyanco!
    Your work is very much appreciated!
    You don’t know how long I’ve been searching for these…

  20. violet83 says:

    Thanx lots for the translations. Thanx Thanx.
    This is such a touching story. I was literally crying throughout. Takki’s acting is definitely good, so is the kid. Their chemistry is amazing.

    Thanx lots again.

  21. kuroichou says:

    thank u very much ^^ I’m taking this vid :D been looking forward to watch this drama sp with eng subs….i heard that it’s so sad ^^…..again, thanks!!

  22. junebug6272 says:

    hi, i’m new here, thanks so much for subbing this. I downloaded this in the summer and have been putting off struggling through it with my dictionary. I was just wondering if you had a soft subs of your translation, if not that’s fine just thought I’d ask. thanks again.

  23. msol says:

    Me again,
    just wanted to say that MU is not the best choice, there is a download maximum per day (I’ve been three days to download it complete) – On the other hand, mediafire has no limit and is simply great.

    Just so you know but, again, thank you very much XD

  24. paperheart62 says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!! I’ve been looking everywhere for it! But is it possible for you to upload it elsewhere? Coz MU is not really working well for me at the moment. Thanks!

  25. missxmoody says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this. Initially I was attracted to this because it had Kyoko Fukada in it, but then the story line won me over, but there were no subs for it anywhere. I honestly lost hope that anyone would sub this, but it wrong of me! Thank you!!!

  26. mokona says:

    gasp! thank you sooo much I’ve been looking for this everywhere! you are sooo very kind! I’m glad I found this website! ^_^ *hugs*

  27. fatsoko1 says:

    Thanks so much. After hearing so many good things about this sp, I really wanted to see it. Thanks for subbing it.

  28. beanybeans says:

    Thanks for subbing this. I had watched another 24-hr tv drama special and it was quite touching. So i’m interested in seeing this one too.

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