Haneru no Tobira 2010.11.24

The guests had to bring things starting with “ba” and see if other guests brought the same things… I won’t go into detail, but I think Takki looked really good here, especially when he wore that “kaburi” thing lol~

haneru no tobira

Download 720×404 from MF (128.85mb, avi)

7 Responses to “Haneru no Tobira 2010.11.24”

  1. amy says:

    Takki kawaii with “kaburi” thing in his head..kyaaa~ XD
    Thanks Mich! ^^

  2. simone says:

    Thanks, Mich!

    I look forward to watching this.

  3. Reiko says:

    Yep, saw this one when it aired and this clip was really amusing to watch, actually. lol (tho, at the time, I wondered what was really going on lollll) I wish someone could do engl. subbing for this one. I’m curious as to what it was about and what Takki was saying. :D

    Thanks Mich for sharing!

  4. kawaii_asa says:

    Both of them look kawaiiiii~~~
    Takki was down at the first stage. *LOL*
    Fun to watch. Thank you. ^ ^

  5. Poline says:

    Thank you for sharing !!!

  6. pateros says:

    Thank you again,Takky really is cute with that onion thing ion his head.

  7. pateros says:

    Thank you mich.You are such an angel for all the Takky fans who lives outside of Japan.How lucky Japanese people are.They always see Takky on t.v.,me i only see Takky on web fanpage like this.so thank you again.

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