SMAPxSMAP 2010.11.15

Intro Quiz Section – T&T vs SMAP

I converted this clip from ○○○tube. The opening, intro talk and bistro segment has been removed, so this clip only consists of the short VTR and the song intro quiz segment. This is where they had to guess the title of the SMAP song based on the intro played.

takizawa hideaki on SMAPxSMAP

Song Intro Quiz - MF / MU (112.98MB, avi)
Full Episode T&T Cut 704×396 – 001, 002 (265.34MB, avi)

LOL at the final score! ^^ But I love the Kimutaku x Takki part best! Kyaa!! Tono’s “woaaahhh” reaction was the cutest fufufufu~ If only they can both appear in the same drama ne…  sigh, I’m asking for too much rite… If Tono can act in dramas again, I’ll be happy no matter who he acts with…

You can grab a HD mkv file of the entire episode at marchlavender LJ (thanks, love!), or DA if you prefer torrents. There’s also a 5GB file floating somewhere on the net, but it’s too huge for my liking lol.

The full episode includes the Jackie Chan segment at the start, and Mai Kuraki performance at the end. Of course, there is the BISTRO segment where we can see Takki eating his favourite KANI dishes!!! Ahhh, the way he eats is so adorable haha~

SMAPxSMAP 2010.11.15

15 thoughts on “SMAPxSMAP 2010.11.15

  1. I watched the whole episode… I love Tsubasa & Takki being together again, they’re simply the cutest… and I was so happy to see my two most favourite Johnny’s boys (Kimura and Takizawa) together on the same screen! :) I think Kimura wasn’t in his best mood that evening though… Great BISTRO moment! All the recipes in this episode looked so delicious! Just like T&T! Thank you for posting! :)

  2. I think Kimura did look chotto…But it was fun seeing him with Takki. It would be a dream to see them together in a drama, wouldn’t it? I am sighing along with you , mich…

    I got the file from marchlavender and laughed all by myself watching it.

  3. I see the whole episode..kyaaaaaaa~ love to see Takki and Kimura in the same screen.. Thank u for sharing this Mich. And thank u for marchlavender too.. ^^

  4. That part of Kimura and Takki is totally priceless! LOL! As Mich put it, Tono’s “woaaahhh” reaction was the cutest!!! And Tono made all the food so delicious with his responses! LOL! A pity that he din get to eat anything on GruGru 99 though and I bet he’s gonna stay in his bathtub vy long ytd! haha..

  5. Mich, gomen ne~
    Why I cannot see your post about Gurunai?? I login already. I can see SMAPxSMAP post but not Gurunai.. >.< Thanks..

  6. Haha, i was so kincho when Kimura kept staring at Takki before he did the shippei! And i must say again, i love blondie Tono in that dusty pink cardigan!! Kyaaah~~

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