Enbujo’08 News Clips

I think everyone already have these clips, but just in case you’re missing one or two, here’s a consolidated post with all the news clips of Takizawa Enbujo’08 stage reports that I can find. These videos are taken from all over the place, so thanks to everyone who provided them. The titles might not be accurate, but that’s how my files were labeled lol~

Evening 5 2008.04.04
Download here (15.72MB)


News 2008.04.04
Download here (11.74MB)


Real Time 2008.04.04
Download here (23.58MB)


Mezamashi 2008.04.05
Download here (6.86MB)


Zoomin 2008.04.05
Download here (8.68MB)


Mezamashi 2008.04.07
Download here (7.4MB)


Sukkiri 2008.04.07
Download here (6.78MB)


I’d better go study for my final test this weekend ne. I’ve been procrastinating too much!! Sigh~ we’ll be tested on everything, ever since my first Japanese lesson last year. Wow~ it’s been a year and 2 months already?!?! Time flies ne~ Kyaaa~~~ Can’t wait to see Tono’s new tan!!! Maybe later I can watch some DVD and take it as my “practice” for listening comprehension *g*

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