Summary of SP Drama “Akutou”

I translated the summary at the Fuji TV site. It doesn’t give away the story completely, but it has a lot of details about the characters and the plot, so DO NOT read if you don’t want spoilers. For those of you who don’t mind reading possible spoilers, please forgive me if you see any mistakes!

*** spoilers ***


Takki Tidbits

It’s just been announced that Takki will be starring in an upcoming special drama called “悪党” (Akutou), which essentially means “villains”. Co-starring with him is Watari Tetsuya-san, whom he hasn’t filmed with since “Kokuchisezu” in 2008. “Akutou” is a two hour special drama and it will be airing on November 30th @ 9 PM on Fuji TV.

This will be Takki’s first drama since Orthros no Inu (TBS) in 2009. It will also be his first drama on Fuji TV since Boku Dake no Madonna in 2003! That’s NINE years ago!! When you look at it that way… it has really been a long time ne!

“Akutou” is based on the novel (of the same name) written and published by award-winning novelist Yakumaru Gaku-san in 2009.

Takki plays the role of a 29-year-old private detective (and former police officer), Saeki Shuichi, who’s been commissioned by a bereaved couple to conduct a follow-up investigation on the man who killed their son. 
Saeki agrees to accept their case, as he can relate to the couple due to his own tragic past. When Saeki was in secondary school, his older sister was raped and murdered. Thus, Saeki uses this investigation as an opportunity to approach the “villains” who killed his sister.

Watari-san will be playing Kokure Masato, the chief of the detective agency that Saeki works at. The cast also includes other famous actors like Toda Keiko, Kaname Jun, Oosugi Ren, and Okuda Eiji.

But on a more personal note…. KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!! FINALLY A DRAMA!!!!!


[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2012 in Hachioji – Show

Minna, thank you for your patience! Here is our report of the Hachioji show. It’s a long one though, so you’ve been warned~ Hope you guys enjoy ^^ Please refer to this picture every time you see citations like (*1), (*2), etc

Takki Tidbits

1) (Potentially) bad news : According to this photo of a billboard in Shibuya, it’s been decided that Johnny’s World will have additional shows in January (2013). But the problem is, Johnny’s World is held at Teikoku Gekijou… And you guys know what usually happens at Teikoku Gekijou in January… Takizawa Kakumei!!

There’s no official announcement about this yet, but by the looks of this, there’s a chance Kakumei might be postponed or even cancelled next year :(

2) Now for the good news : According to this photo, “Takizawa Enbujou” will be returning in 2013 and it will be held from April 7 to May 12. We have no clue as to where this picture was taken from, but it looks authentic! This is the first time they’ve released the dates so early ne! Now, we have plenty of time to plan! Yay~~

Takki Tidbits

Today, Takki’s Kaigenjou CM will start airing all around Japan! The 15 second version, 30 second version and the MAKING of the Kaigenjou CM has also just been released on the Kaigenjou website!

According to the chunk of text above the “Making of” video, the CM shoot took one day to complete. When Takki walked onto the set dressed as the Fuujin (and with the horn attached to his head), people inside the studio commented that he looked “kakkoii even with a horn!” lol

They had some difficult scenes to shoot, like the flying scene (where Takki was hanging from the ceiling). Normal people would’ve had a hard time balancing, but Takki was able to maintain a beautiful posture as he flew in midair.

To check out these videos, please go HERE! ^^

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