Takki Tidbits

Fans who attended yesterday’s Sapporo show said that Takki got his hair done! He dyed his hair black and he also cut it short!! His front bangs are to his eyebrows now and fans were saying that this short hairstyle makes him look like a shonen (young boy)! XD I want to see!!

At the beginning of MC time, there was a moment when Takki was alone on stage and he had to do the MC by himself. He started out by saying, “There’s something different about me. Do you guys know what it is?”

He was obviously talking about his hair but you know how he enjoys teasing his audience… After listening to the audience’s response, Takki nodded and said, “That’s right. I got plastic surgery!” LOL!! Everyone ehhhhhh’d him until he let out a cute little laugh and said “I’m joking yo!”

Of course, everyone knew that it was only a joke, but it’s a little bit of a shock to hear the words “seikei” (in Japanese) come out of his mouth. Such a naturally beautiful man does not need plastic surgery ne!

Takki continued to say that he got his hair done for his role in Akutou. It seems like the “crank in” (start of filming) will begin sometime next week and they will be doing a lot of filming throughout October. So hopefully, we’ll come across some eyewitness reports soon!

Takki Tidbits

I woke up to some surprising news today! Takki is featured in Kentucky Fried Chicken’s newest commercial!!

Well, it’s about time! We’ve all heard those jokes about Takki and Kentakki (this is how they spell and pronounce Kentucky in Japan), so it was really only a matter of time before KFC hired Takki to do a commercial for them ne XD

Anyway, Takki is promoting the newest item on the KFC menu : the Premium Roast Chicken Sandwich! It’s charcoal-grilled chicken with a special onion sauce. It was released today in the KFCs in Japan and you can get it for only 450 yen. But the sandwich is only available for a limited time.

You can check out this page for more information about the sandwich and the Premium Box sets that are on the menu. You can also watch the 15 second long commercial here.

ジャニーズJr.の真実 2012.09.30

This is a behind the scenes documentary on Johnnys Jr., aired earlier today on NTV. Takki, having spent 7 years as a Jr. from 1995-2002, gave his comments. He appeared only a few times in this hour-long documentary, but he was the only sempai that was interviewed.


Takki Tidbits

1) According to a post in her official blog, Toda Keiko-san will start filming for the drama next month. She didn’t mention anything else about Takki or the drama though…

2) The new paperback edition of “Akutou” (the original novel) was released today. Apparently, there’s a picture of Takki’s face on the advertisement slip that comes with the book. Here’s a sample picture of what it looks like. Today, some fans said they went looking for the book at their local bookstores, but it was already sold out! However, if you’re interested, you can get it at Amazon for 620 yen.

Takki Tidbits

According to today’s newspaper reports, Takki will be making an appearance in a special Takizawa version of Johnny’s World from January 1st ~ 5th, 2013. Also, Takizawa Kakumei 2013 has not been cancelled. It will be postponed until later in the year and they will announce those dates at a later time.

This is great news!!! But does this mean they’ll have to change the name of next year’s Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei? “Shinshun” means new year or a new springtime… if it can’t be in January and it can’t be during spring because of Takizawa Enbujou… then… that leaves us with summer/autumn? Someone on Twitter joked about it becoming GW Kakumei (Golden Week Kakumei) and Tsuyu Kakumei (Rainy season Kakumei)! LOL!!


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