[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2012 in Hachioji – Venue & Goods

Takizawa Hideaki Concert Tour 2012
12 August @ Hachioji, Tokyo

We’ll start off the reports with the usual Venue & Goods post. First, the venue! The Olympus Hall is located on the 4th floor of the Southern Sky Tower, right next to the JR Hachioji station.



We are back from Japan, and trying to get as much rest as possible while battling the love sickness :/ Before working on our own show reports, here’s a very quick post on some of the clips and newspaper reports of THE Hachioji solo concert held on 12 August!


[レポ] Tackey Summer Concert 2012 初日

Here are pictures of the goods!

  • Hair Clip
  • Tote bag Side A | Tote bag Side B
  • Aloha Shirt
  • Souchou Keyholder & TakiRanger Keyholder
    (*note : On the back of the Souchou Keyholder, it says “Sotsugyou” or graduation)
  • Penlight


Takki Tidbits

Yesterday (July 25th), Takki made a special appearance during PLAYZONE’s curtain call. He didn’t watch the show and was only there to promote his solocon and etc. He was wearing a black checkered shirt, gray pants with black lines on the side (the same pants he wore in the latest episode of TakiChannel) and black boots. But the biggest surprise is…. his hair was blonde!!


Haneru no Tobira 2012.07.25

Again, we got to see Takki SCREAM!! HAHA~~ this time not from pain, but from fright! 4 women dressed up as hideous looking creatures had to compete for only 2 “spots” to scare Takki~ coz whoever got to scare him would have the chance to hug him! Those lucky women!

bakemono scares takki


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