[HQ] 人志松本の○○な話 2011.09.09

FINALLY, the HQ files!!

Imho, this show was perhaps the least interesting one in the entire rush. Mainly because the cameras didn’t focus a lot on Takki… which kind of defeats the purpose of having him as a guest on the show?? But nevertheless, I’m still glad that we have it in HD. Hope you guys enjoy!

Credits to TTTHX
(Total : 236.8 MB, MKV format)

MF : .001 | .002
MU : .001 | .002

[LQ] 世界まる見え! 2011.09.12

Sorry for the late post, everyone! We were hoping that the HQ file would be released today… but I guess we’ll just have to live with the LQ for now (btw its 600 mb… quite huge for a LQ file ne ^^;). Anyway, I haven’t watched the whole thing, so can’t really comment on it… but the ping pong corner and the “lol” corner was funny~

MF | MU (633.8 mb, wmv format)

[LQ] コワ~イ女たち 2011.09.13

This show is interesting ne~ and we got to see Takki answer some interesting questions… like how he trains his body (I expected his answer haha), what other Johnnys group he’d join (yappari… coz his best friend is in there ne! ^^), what he wears to sleep (I was expecting another answer lol), does he wish to get married (we all know the answer to this ne!), who’s the cutest female celebrity to him (this was interesting haha~), etc etc…

MU / MF (180.21mb, divx)

[Radio] Driver’s Meeting 2011.09.04

This radio show is mainly about cars, but it was actually really interesting because we rarely get to hear Takki talk about his own car! For some strange reason, I get really excited whenever I get to learn something new about him. Even though I’ve been his fan for a while, it feels like there’s still a lot to learn about him~

Anyway, I didn’t translate the entire script; this is only a summary of the most interesting parts. Hope you guys enjoy!


Takki Tidbits

Here are pictures of the tour goods! Credit goes to fans on weibo and Twitter :)

Jumbo Uchiwa : front | back

Clearfile : 1 | 2

Muffler Towel : 1 | 2

T-shirt :

Scrunchie : 1 | 2 (with packaging)

Ball pen : front | back

Dress sticker : 1 | 2

Original photoset : 1

In addition to the goods, here’s a picture of the 3D glasses that they handed out to everyone who passed through the venue entrance! I wonder what the glasses are for~~~

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