[LQ] コワ~イ女たち 2011.09.13

This show is interesting ne~ and we got to see Takki answer some interesting questions… like how he trains his body (I expected his answer haha), what other Johnnys group he’d join (yappari… coz his best friend is in there ne! ^^), what he wears to sleep (I was expecting another answer lol), does he wish to get married (we all know the answer to this ne!), who’s the cutest female celebrity to him (this was interesting haha~), etc etc…

MU / MF (180.21mb, divx)

[Radio] Driver’s Meeting 2011.09.04

This radio show is mainly about cars, but it was actually really interesting because we rarely get to hear Takki talk about his own car! For some strange reason, I get really excited whenever I get to learn something new about him. Even though I’ve been his fan for a while, it feels like there’s still a lot to learn about him~

Anyway, I didn’t translate the entire script; this is only a summary of the most interesting parts. Hope you guys enjoy!


Takki Tidbits

Here are pictures of the tour goods! Credit goes to fans on weibo and Twitter :)

Jumbo Uchiwa : front | back

Clearfile : 1 | 2

Muffler Towel : 1 | 2

T-shirt :

Scrunchie : 1 | 2 (with packaging)

Ball pen : front | back

Dress sticker : 1 | 2

Original photoset : 1

In addition to the goods, here’s a picture of the 3D glasses that they handed out to everyone who passed through the venue entrance! I wonder what the glasses are for~~~

[LQ] 人志松本の○○な話 2011.09.09

Sorry for the delay. This was recorded by Irene (arigatou! ^^) and this is an uncut version… sorry, I don’t have access to the usual comp I use to edit clips. Although I don’t really know what the other guys are doing, Takki looked really handsome here. While we wait for the HQ or HD, here’s the LQ :)

MU / MF (124.35mb, avi)

Takki Tidbits

Today at 11 am, Takki attended a disaster relief charity event at the plaza in front of Ishinomaki Station in Miyagi prefecture. The event was hosted by the Ishinomaki City NPO Support Office, who actually tweeted a notice about this event yesterday.

A fan who attended the event posted pictures and a short report at her blog (HERE)!

According to another fan, Takki went on stage and performed Journey Journey, Tomo yo, Venus, Yume Monogatari, and Ho!Summer. After that, there was a MC corner… so it was almost like a mini concert ^^ At the end of the whole performance, there was also a handshaking event!

Other people who attended the event also tweeted that…

  • It was really hot so there were many times when Takki had to wipe the sweat off his face with his hand and shirt.
  • During the handshaking event, fans were even allowed to take pictures with Takki and some actually got to HUG him?!?? (jealous!!!) BTW, fans who got to hug him said he smelled really nice and his body was warm (but in a very comforting way).
  • Unlike previous events, people were given a little bit of time to talk to Takki before and after each handshake.
  • This is the 6th time Takki has visited Miyagi prefecture since the earthquake and tsunami.
  • After the handshaking event, Takki headed over to Ishinomaki Senshuu University. The car (that Takki was in) arrived at the university at around 3:22 pm, Japan time.
  • At one point during the mini concert at the university, Takki took off his shirt and change into another one (yes, he did this in front of the audience lol). He later made a joke about it, saying that everyone was probably taking pictures of him half-naked and that those pictures would most likely end up on all the blogs ^^; (yappari, he knows his fans better than anyone lol)
  • At the university, there was another handshaking event. But this time, some people were even able to get signatures from Takki.

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