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[Scans] Look at Star March 2012

This is the only stage report I bought for Takizawa Kakumei 2012. Was flipping the mags at Imperial Theatre and I knew I had to buy this. The visuals here are really good. That first 2 pages really captured the moment well. I also like that pic of Takki in red, and of him running, about to fly above the audience; plus the cute pics from the undersea palace :) And finally, Takki with bandana on the interview page is chou kakkoii!

lookatstar-201203-01.jpglookatstar-201203-02.jpg lookatstar-201203-03.jpglookatstar-201203-04.jpg
lookatstar-201203-05.jpglookatstar-201203-06.jpg lookatstar-201203-07.jpglookatstar-201203-08.jpg

It’s been a while since I posted scans, almost forgot how to lol~ And I’m not sure if I mentioned before, but I won’t be posting scans of the monthly five magazines as my seller has stopped buying them since early this year, hence I’ve lost my source of clippings.

[Scans] Look at Star 07/2011

Received this from Amazon last week and scanned it immediately but somehow didn’t have time to edit & post until now. There are 6 (and a half) pages of Takizawa Kabuki stage report (senshuuraku and children’s day show report included as well! that dressing room scene~~ haha~~), and there’s a small notice on Takizawa Kakumei DVD – a pity it’s not colored.

lookatstar1107-07.jpg lookatstar1107-01.jpg lookatstar1107-02.jpg lookatstar1107-03.jpg lookatstar1107-04.jpg lookatstar1107-05.jpg lookatstar1107-06.jpg lookatstar1107-08.jpg

Switching to Kakumei mode now! 3 more days only~~~XD

[Scans] Look at Star 07/2010

I gave up on Best Stage, but bought Look at Star just for THAT KISS!!! It’s a pity I wasn’t there when it happened (I only saw a kiss on the cheek, but this was on the lips! Go, Matsuzaki!!). Tono’s reaction was so cute! He cried like a boy at the side of the stage~~ I also love spider!Takizawa in the 2nd scan below, and the senshuuraku curtain call pics in the last scan!

lookstar1007-01.jpg lookstar1007-02.jpg lookstar1007-03.jpg lookstar1007-04.jpg lookstar1007-05.jpg

Juz realized I’ve been buying every issue of Look at Star this year, so far. This magazine costs $27.80 over here… Orz… But I couldn’t give up the kiss lol!

[Scans] Look at Star 05/2010

Another mag which I got in Japan ^^ Tono on the cover of Look at Star May issue. There was quite big feature on Takizawa Kabuki, including interviews of ABC-Z as well. I hope there’ll be a good stage report in the next issue!

las1005-01.jpg las1005-02.jpg las1005-03.jpg las1005-04.jpg
las1005-05.jpg las1005-06.jpg las1005-07.jpg

Takki looks good in this one ne~ he doesn’t look at tired as in Best Stage :)

[Update: Enshinge has all the articles here!]

[Scans] Look at Star 03/2010

Time really flies ne~ Today is senshuuraku day for Takizawa Kakumei! To all who are going for the show, please enjoy yourselves! Hope everything will go smoothly~~ Here are scans from Look at Star – they managed to capture the MJ “Thiller” dance! Haha! And nice shot of the bungee!

lookstar1003-01-takki.jpg lookstar1003-02-takki.jpg lookstar1003-03-takki.jpg lookstar1003-04-takki.jpg

I wanna watch the show again!!! >< After 4 nights of writing, I’m still not done with Act 1 yet *sigh* Hopefully I can finish it over the weekend. 頑張ります!

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