Goodbye, GWC!

3 years and 3 months.

Today is officially our last day at work.

After months and months of uncertainty, the verdict was given this morning. It was hard for my boss to break the news to us, coz even he was only informed this morning. Yes, we had to pack up by the end of the day. So we had a farewell lunch @ Waraku, and came back to clear up both our virtual and real desktops.

This was the best job, best working environment, and the bestest colleagues and boss I’ve ever had – and will probably have – in my life! I still don’t know what I’m gonna do from now. But I’ll probably take a few days – or weeks – to think about it.

I’m really really gonna miss this place. It was like a dream…

Goodbye, GWC! Goodbye, Sun!

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, GWC!

  1. foolndreamer says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re losing something that you love. I can only take heart that it didn’t come as a surprise. Wherever you go next and whatever you do next, good luck! May it be an even better dream. The best is yet to be.
    Take care, have a good break and a great life.

  2. michelle says:

    foolndreamer~ thanks for your kind words :)

    ah, i stupidly clicked on something and disabled all comments after urs. gomen… but it sure feels weird this morning waking up and not going to work.

    btw, it DID come as a shock. although we were prepared in a way, it was more of a ‘prepared to be prepared’ kind of thing. none of us expected to be ‘kicked out’ in less than a day lol

  3. KatSpore says:

    It’s too short a notice, that’s y though you are prepared, will still be shocked de lah.. Ganbatte to search for a better job! *Pat pat*

  4. cat says:

    mich, foolndreamer has said what I wanted to say.

    You’ve got such nice experience working on something you enjoy and with people you like. Though it’s sudden, you know it’s an overall business decision – which means not much you have control over.

    Take care, enjoy this short break and let us know when you find the next “best”…Ganbatte

  5. Reiko says:

    I ditto what cat & foolndreamer has said. I only wish you the best of luck in your future endevours in your job search and may you find ‘more’ happiness along the path to the neverending ‘work-world’ ahead.

    For now, hey…maybe you can devote more of your time to this website, giving more Takki-love in the fandom, or elsewhere? lol *shrugs shoulders* I don’t know…just giving some random thoughts my way to you. XDD

    ganbatte ne~ *pucnhu-punchu*

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