Updates! Updates!

Brand New Look! Takki.us version 32!

The images in the header are taken from the pamphlet of Takisama (Tackey Summer) Concert last year… and the images I chose are happy and relaxing ones! 1) coz Takizawa-sama finally has time to relax after an exhausting first half of 2010! 2) coz I’m having a “relaxing” time myself before starting the job hunt 3) I miss Takisamacon! And still upset it wasn’t recorded on DVD~ I hope there’ll be another solocon this year AND it’ll be recorded on DVD!!

The WP script has finally been updated to the latest version 2.9.2, and I had to install a new theme as the previous one didn’t work. Anyway, I’ve had that theme for more than a year, so it’s perhaps time to change. After experimenting with tons of themes, I’ve settled for this one. It might not be the best, but I think it’s the best trade-off between functionality and looks *shrugs*

Some notable changes:

1) “Tags” system (on top of the “Categories” system). As there are  1,600+ posts, I’ll need more time to go through all the posts and tag them properly. I’m still new at this, so 頑張ります!

2) “Gravatars” in the comments section. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one at gravatar.com, and have the avatar linked to your email address.

Anyway, one thing this site will probably never have is light text on dark background. I tend to stick to dark text on light background as it’s easier on the eyes. Also, I’ll continue to work on the tagging of posts and fixing the broken codes and ugliness of some pages over the next few days, so if you come across anything weird, just erm… ignore it for the time being lol~

Takki Tidbits! (I know, finally!)

According to the Shounen Club Premium website, the next Premium guests will be Takki x Yara!!! O/A date would be June 18th (BS2) and 22nd (BShi). Yatta!! After watching Takizawa Kabuki, I’ve been hoping that they would appear on TV together hehe~ They’ll probably talk about Takizawa Kabuki, Butoukan, and the audition 15 years ago, since they both entered the jimusho on the same day. And perhaps there’ll be clips from MJ or 8jida J… 楽しみ!

25 thoughts on “Updates! Updates!

  1. nainai08 says:

    kay~~~I like the header very much~~~then thanks for your hard work!
    I ‘m looking forward to the talk session between takki and yara on June 18th too.

  2. hoshi says:

    mich, this theme is good. i think it’s nicer than all other versions i have seen.

    now we can share post on facebook and twitter … and digg, stumble upon, delicious, etc etc… are those plugin or come with this theme? (and even got RSS) i dun remember if the old one has RSS or not.

    ya, blog shouldnt be light text on dark background. it’s really a pain for eyes, especially when we switch window to other site with light background…. :D im so relieved to hear your principle. lol.

    anyway welcome back takki.us. thanks for your hard work.

  3. simone says:

    Your header is lovely. I like the general cheerfulness of it.

    I was looking back at my pictures and icons of Takki, and was thinking, that, while I have happy ones, an awful lot are serious and pensive. I don’t know if it’s me or the photographers, or… I do remember that many cheerful ones came out of the stay on Guam [though Kokuchi sezu was sad], but much fewer since. And Orthros wasn’t lighthearted entertainment.

    Now, let’s all make wishes that Takki, after his well earned rest, gets called for a movie and a drama, and that you get a super new job!

  4. Marie says:

    Mich, great job!
    We all appreciate your effort and dedication for the site!
    Thank you very much!

    btw, I love your new header, too. Takki looks so happy!

  5. chanmonkey says:

    I love the new header!!!
    So warm!~
    But I love the old layout style more ne~
    I am waiting for his live tour~

  6. clauds says:

    Ayayyay the website looss supppeerrr dooopppeeerr cuuttee!!!! Im loving the dose of pinkness <3<3<3!!!!

    btw mich hope u can find a new job soon ^o^// ganbatte!

  7. leelin says:

    Mich, thank you so much for the new site, haha i was just looking at the takkisama con pamphlet…yeah i like the relaxing pics too…Great Job…A Big Big Hug for you….:)

  8. Giftzy says:

    Header is so beautiful and I really like it. I feel glad that I saw new theme.

    Thanks a lot for your updating Mich. I knew that you worked hard for us

  9. kittyhello says:

    it looks great!!!
    mich,I wonder if you can add the month calender or not for it is not easy to check old articles now.

  10. michelle says:

    Thank you, minasan!! Sorry i’m STILL adding tags to the posts lol… but juz wanna answer kittyhello first, that there are 3 ways to navigate to old articles now.

    1) the “Archives” link above the pink navigation bar will take you to a page with all the old posts organized in chronological order. i think this is what you might be looking for, as it works like a calender.

    2) the “Categories”, which is the pink navigation bar itself. you can use this to find posts in the category you want eg. Downloads > お御所ジャパン for all Ogosho Japan downloads.

    3) the “Tags” which I’m still working on at the moment. Below each post’s title, after the “author” and “category” icons, there is a “tags” icon. Clicking on a tag will lead you to posts of the same tags. Eg. for this post, I’ve added the tags “Site” and “Takki Tidbits” :)

    And the Contact Us form is working. I’ve tested it *phew~*

  11. Reiko says:

    I really love this new layout to your site! Reminds me somewhat like a personal blog now. XDD Love the bright hot-pink colored bars and pink-colored fonts. And then if your site banner wasn’t enough…kawaiii~♥♥ So ‘summerish’ w/the Takisama solocon pamphlet pics!! Thought it looked familiar. ^_^

    No wonder on Friday when I tried going in, it told me it was being updated. lol I was really curious ‘then’ as to what it would look like. Now I know. XDD

    *ganbatte ne w/your continuous workings w/WP!* LOVE IT!

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