[Report] 人生革命 & 滝沢革命 ’10 – Theatre & Goods

It was almost a year since I last came to this theatre.


At the entrance of the theatre, there is the “full house” sign along with the show timing notice & goods-buying notice.


There are also the 2 posters of Jinsei and Takirev outside the entrance. The Takirev poster’s picture is similar to last year’s, just that there are additional images added to make it look different? Hmm~ Inside the theatre, there were also the same posters.

jinsei and takizawa kakumei poster

There was also another poster on some Eye Bank thing. I never really knew what it’s for, even though N-san tried to explain it to me… but the poster had Mori-san, Takki (same pic as shown on the NHK show where he faxed a message to Ohkura), and Kokubun Taichi-kun.

eye bank

And of course there were loads of congratulatory flowers. Flowers to Mori-san were displayed at the foot of the staircase to the 2nd floor. But Takki’s (and Nikki’s, Jrs., etc…) flowers were displayed near the entrance of the theatre.

Takki received flowers from Shimada Kyusaku (Boku dake no Madonna, Yukinojo Henge co-star) Mayuzumi Rintaro (Yoshitsune, Yukinojo Henge director), Kyomoto Masaki (Taiyou wa shizumanai, Satomi Hakkenden co-star), Nan-chan (Yoshitsune co-star aka Saburo), Music Station, TV Asahi, NTV, Takara Shuzo, Kazu-chan (Zubari co-host), Watari Tetsuya (Yoshitsune, Kokuchisezu co-star), Miwa Akihiro (Yoshitsune co-star), and Takahata Atsuko (Kokuchisezu, Orthros no Inu co-star), among others…




On 1/12, I saw some Orthros no Inu promotional leaflets near the CD & DVD booth, and grabbed a few. It’s a 4-page leaflet introducing and promoting the DVD. After going to the toilet (which took only about 5mins), I thought I could get more leaflets for my friends, but when I went back to the shelf, they were gone! No more left~~ And when I went on 1/13 and 1/15, there weren’t any leaflets left either…

Orthros no Inu leaflet

Now for the goods.

I’ll start with Jinsei’s since there’s only one item in the goods list.

“Jinsei Kakumei” Pamphlet (1,500yen)

jinsei kakumei pamphlet

I bought this only because I went for the show. Wah~ there’s a photo of Mori-san in her 30s. She looked really pretty! In the pamphlet, there are only 2 pages of Takki. The first is an introduction as cast, and the picture is the same as on the poster. The other is from the Mori Mitsuko Dinner Show DVD, when Takki was only 13 :)

“Takizawa Kakumei” Pamphlet (2,000yen)

takirev’10 pamphlet

I love the size (last year’s was too huge)!! A4 kana~ and it comes with a translucent cover which is really pretty. The pictures inside are so kakkoii! His hairstyle was much nicer than last yr’s too hehe~ When I was flipping this at the theatre on 1/12, I was kyaaing inside!

takirev’10 pamphlet

takirev’10 pamphlet

takirev’10 pamphlet

And I love this picture so much that it’s been used for the new forum header :)

takirev’10 pamphlet

Clearfile (500yen)

takirev’10 clearfile

Kakkoii Tono sitting on the steps! XD I have so many Takki clearfiles at home, but can’t bear to use them unless I have two of it haha~ So far, I’ve only used the Enbujo’09 one for nihongo classes… But now that I’m not taking anymore classes, I wonder when I’ll get the chance to use…

Shopping Bag (900yen)

shopping bag

It’s made of cloth, which is brilliant! There is a tiger print in gold on one side, as it’ll soon be the year of the Tiger. And I love the handles coz they are flat! It wouldn’t hurt your shoulders if the bag gets heavy. Best of all, it has a zip!! And this shopping bag was packed in a small pouch too — which can be useful for putting other smaller stuff in it and then putting it inside the shopping bag haha!

We kinda got 2 bags in 1 :)

Diary (1,500yen)

takirev’10 diary

takirev’10 diary

I don’t really write on hard copy diaries, so I just got myself one of this… to keep! ^^ It has a very nice and sleek design – the cover is hard-clothed kind with tiger print, and the inner pages are white with tinge of red.

Sticker Calender (500yen)

sticker calenders

KAKKOIII!!!!!! Another Takki calender!!!! Kyaaaa~~ XDDD

The pictures are from the pamphlet, but we get all those kakkoii shots in sticker form, and small enough to handle. I have already put it up on my office wall! keke~~ my colleague commented that it looks really good, the color combi was nice, and the shots are all kakkoii~ :)

Poster (800yen)


I bought this one on 1/13, as I only brought my poster tube out that day. With N-san’s help, I rolled two posters into the tube during intermission. Arigato, N-san :)

Original Photosets (600yen/set)

takirev’10 photosets

  • Photoset A (top row): Mom loves the 3rd one best out of all these 12 photos! But I can’t decide~ I love the 2nd to 4th ones! His smiles are too cute!!
  • Photoset B (middle row): he looks SO YOUNG in the pic where he wears the jacket~ definitely my favourite for this set!
  • Photoset C (bottom row): That “peace-sign” and the 2nd smiling pics are my favourites of this set!

Of coz, I bought all 3 sets! XD

Mirror c/w oil-absorbing sheet (1,000yen)

takirev’10 mirror

The mirror is slightly sponged so that it won’t be damaged easily. And the oil-absorbing papers are on the other side. I don’t think I can ever bear to use it…

Photo Album (1,000yen)
Stage Photos (500yen each)

takirev’10 stage photo album

The photo album has 20 sleeves, and can hold up to 40 photos, but I usually only put 20 in them – one per sleeve. When I was there, there were 24 photos on sale. #1 ~ 10 are Takki’s . The 3 above are #3, #8 & #10. There were 9 more Takki stage photos released since then, waiting for Kat to bring them back for me hehe~ I think there’ll be one more batch before Takirev Senshuuraku on 5th Feb.

5 thoughts on “[Report] 人生革命 & 滝沢革命 ’10 – Theatre & Goods

  1. katya_alex says:

    thanks for the posting of the goods. i cant wait to receive mine.

    i think, i bought 2 pcs of the the shopping bag since it was really useable this time unlike the paper bags before. i’ve been waiting for this kind of bag as their goods. glad to have one.

  2. simone says:

    I wish I had gotten the shopping bag. I had assumed it was paper like for Enbujou ’09. I actually have one just like it I bought in Asakusa, very useful but plain, and this one is so pretty! (sigh)

    The photos are very good, I guess my favorites are 2 & 4 of row B and 2 of row C…

  3. Reiko says:

    Thanks for sharing the ‘inside look’ to the butai goods, as well as the poster ads & pics of the many omedetou flower arrangements he’s accumulated. ^_^

    Can’t wait too to get my stash of goods. Am getting the pamphlet, photosets A/B/C, sticker calendar, poster, as well as 10 live photos this time around. Hopefully mine may be a good mix btwn the photos Kat’s getting for u and the ones you have shown here as well.

    Thanks once again for your informed goods report!

  4. chanmonkey says:

    I bought the goods from a Takitsuba fan in the first week of the Takizawa Kakumei show~ But she said she was told that there was no photo album on sale~ Only sticker calendar was available~ Why?~ The albums weren’t prepared?~

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