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Yesterday, I was in office refreshing the Singpost tracking page. Then at about 4.30pm, my receptionist colleague came over and handed me the package, smiling! Hehe~~ I was so excited, we stopped work for a while, and my colleague took pictures of my precious lol!


I remember commenting on how I wanted the words of the Best album to be “special”, eg. CUT-OUT or something. And here we have a One! First Press with cut-out words “Takizawa” and “Tackey”! Yay!! To be honest, I never expected a nice packaging ever since I saw the pictures of the covers posted up on the online sites. But upon seeing the real thing, it’s different. It’s much better than I expected!! ESPECIALLY THE DISCS CASES INSIDE!! I love how the casings are transparent, and how Disc One! and Disc Two! are printed, and in general, the red, white, transparent feel :) Even the simple text prints on the discs are nice~ ^^ (nicer than Enbujou’s discs prints lol~)


Oh, and my colleague stood behind me and took *paparazzi* pics while I was flipping the booklet lol~


As I had my laptop with me, I popped in disc 1 and what greeted me was this really nice instrumental of KI.SE.KI! Yes, it’s the menu’s background music! Came at the right time~ JUST WHEN I’M ON KI.SE.KI HIGH! :D

*WARNING: SPOILERS!!! if you read on*

One! : Act 1

Somewhere about 15 mins into the show, Takki KAMIKAMI-ed!!!! Halfway thru his “serious speech”!! LOL! His expression was so cute!!! He grinned and everyone laughed! Even his “mother” made fun of him, and as an excuse obviously, Takki said he was only doing fan “service” LOL

Din really like the mother & son duet at the start coz their voices type just don’t match! And their engrish makes me *hair stands up*, especially the mom. All along, I dun really like Takki to sing english songs ne…

I like the parts of Takki & Yuuto (now this DVD has yet again changed my opinion of this boy~). This Yuuto boy gets to hug him twice in the DVD!!! Love the scene where Yuuto hugged Takki’s leg, and of course during the dance segment too, he runs and hugs/gets a hug from Takki.

The fighting scene. Wow, it was so noisy with all the shouting of the juniors. This entire scene was long. But Takki’s voice really stood out. And… it kinda feels good to see Takki PUNCHING people!!!! I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like he can finally vent his anger and frustrations out instead of keeping everything in there (of course he didn’t really hit them, but you get the picture la…) and of course, when he does that, we get to see his BICEPS!!! Hehehehehe~~~


Somehow he looks quite depressed in this screenie…


I love the dance scene. I always call it the BALLET DANCE segment, it was just continuous dancing, dancing, dancing… spinning, spinning, spinning… I saw this part on fancam before so was happy to be able to see it on DVD! Oh, and I love the music for this whole segment :D


But erm… sometimes, my eyes just wandered over to *cough*romeo*cough*, not that I wanted to, it was an invisible force at work hahahaha *runs*


One! : Act 2

Generally, I prefer Act 2 to 1. But will most likely be rewatching both over and over and over and over…. you get the picture.

Black Butterfly & Taste me = KAKKOII!!!!!!!!!!

It just shows that what he wears makes lot of difference. Whatever he wore for these 2 songs made his dancing look really cool and sleek! That military-like vest, pants and hat makes him look slim and tall and showing his toned arms. This is my favourite attire of the show. BUT, THEY DIN SHOW THAT SEXY LEG-WRIGGLING THINGIE DURING BLACK BUTTERFLY!!! I wanna see that leg movement during the “every day every night” part!!


Then Kimagure JET just brings me back to Kuricon’07. The moves were almost the same but I thought Kuricon’s was cuter? This was also cute though~ it’s a different kind of feel. I like those neon and heart-faced “things” that were dancing with him ^^ Ah, this song leads us to the ILLUSION!

Yes, we finally get to see the HUMMER illusion stunt that Franz Harary (and the Penguin crew) did with Takki (and ABC) in Las Vegas!!! Yes, finally!!! Haha, I love those 2 pages in the One! Pamphlet so much! Takki looks really kakkoii in that video ne (although it’s really short…) v_v;


Magic segment. LOL! He’s such a natural entertainer. I especially found it funny how he teased the last girl who went on stage. She was so nervous and walked towards the other side of the stage. Takki said “Anata, kochi desu.” *lol* Then he asked for her name, she said “Miyuki desu” (in a high-pitched voice), and Takki imitated her high-pitched voice and said “Miyuki-san desu ka.” *LOL* AND HE DID THE “YAAAHHHHH” FACE AT HER *ROFL!!!!*


I like this cards trick best, coz we’ve already seen him perform the other 3 before on Zubari & Hey!Hey!Hey! ^^ Think I found out the trick to this too hehehehe… But ne, if there was such a pretty face drawing something in front of me, and then looking into my eyes saying “what pretty eyes”, I would definitely have fainted on the spot!!

Oh, and there’s this christmas tree part with the juniors that was funny too. He was made to imitate… was it Antonio Inoki? coz the rest were just chanting “Takki! Bom Ba Ye!” lol!!! His exasperated look was so cute~ :D


Then, there’s a part where him & his mom played a bit of hide-and-seek *haha*, and also did the “WAN!” (call of a dog) thingie lol! Kawaii~ and then his mom started singing!! hahaha… His mom’s singing is quite good actually, but it’s the “opera” type of singing~ and it’s hilarious how he tried to stop her. Somehow I think she is a bit like the real Yayoi-chan, whom I heard is really genki ^_^ Anyway, this “mom” passed the microphone to Takki to sing, and I like the way he sings this. He went down the stage, and sat on a fan’s lap!! Lucky girl!!


And then. GrandpaTakki! Yes, OjiiTakki made me laugh AND cry!!!! All within a few minutes!!! He walked slowly towards the center of the stage and said that Tsubasa has died of shock at Koichi’s SHOCK! lol!!! He scolded Tsubasa in an ojiisan voice hahaha… Then OjiiTakki followed up with an OJIISAN CRYING SOUND!! (AH AH AH AHHH~~~~) *ROFL* Then those 4 Imai-grandmas behind, aka Tsubasa’s “widows” lol~ are hilarious! When they finally managed to leave the stage, OjiiTakki fell to the floor — HEAD FIRST *LOL*. AND THAT DELAYED “ITAI” CRACKED ME UP SERIOUSLY!!! I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING!!



Then, just a few minutes after that scene, he made me cry!!!!!! *SNIFF SNIFF*

When all those images of baby!Takki were flashing on the screen, after OjiiTakki “died”, the music and everything was so touching… i also thought of how we can just lose someone we love anytime… Like u know, within the past week, 2 young hollywood actors died… Then i started thinking and thinking… and looking at his baby pictures… ahhh~~~ I cried~ The real Takki appeared and those blue “petals” came pouring down… Him meeting his past self, going under the same cloak that his old-self will die in… Him now and his past merging as one…


Oh, btw, during Ho! Summer, there seem to be some joke going on… ^^

Senshuuraku Encore

Takki seem to favour ABC quite a lot. They’re given so much chance to talk haha. I actually don’t mind ABC and KMF2, having seen them in numerous works with Takki. I think they work well as a team. ABC look more like the obedient kind while KMF2 (esp. Fujigaya) are more like “bad boys”. Maybe I prefer Kitayama (partly also because I saw him – and he saw me lol – at the train station after Enbujou last yr)? In any case, they did Yume Monogatari at the end, and I love that last part where Takki did his “Kamira Tamara” handmoves!!! LOL! He so suddenly change directions and confused the juniors behind, who were grinning and trying their best to follow :D :D :D


Really long interview. 40 minutes!!

Takki looks REALLY GORGEOUS in the interview, and to be able to stare at that face for 40 minutes is… unbelievable! Maa~ is this his longest recorded interview ever?!! It’s so touching, just looking at his every expression, sometimes he looked like he was about to cry, sometimes his little smile looked sad… I really want to know what he said, I mean every word he said!!


But my family was having a ‘discussion’ last nite while I was watching the disc!! So distracting! I only remember him talking about how he was born on the bench, his two impressions of his real father, his half-brother who went for the audition, his current father, entering Johnnys, the debut event in 2002 (when the interviewer mentioned “big event”, I kinda felt sad~), his view on life, etc… I thought I heard him saying that he wants to be born again to the same mother, and take the same path in life… (or was that somewhere in the show itself~~)


At the end, the interviewer asked him to say something to us who bought the DVD… OMG, when I watched his expression, and finally when he faces the camera and talks, my tear glands got working again… I think it must have taken quite some courage to sit there and answer all the questions about his past, and issues that he probably won’t ever bring up if not for this production.

All in all, this IS my precious DVD.

10 thoughts on “[Review] One! ~ The History of Tackey ~

  1. katya_alex says:

    Huwah! I didnt read what you posted above. oh well, i might later. Harharhar!

    i have to wait 6 months or more before i’ll be able to watch and get my hands on this DVD coz i shipped it to my cousin and she’ll not coming home til mid this year or maybe next year.

    btw, i pass on some local snack to Ling. It’s for you and Ribi. Maybe you could arrange a pick with her or meet up before she leaves for the Chinese new year celebration.

  2. stephie says:

    hoho !! i also received my copy already !! but no time to watch *sighs* .. there’s tests tests tests and tests until next fri -snores-

    are u wearing that jacket you bought from uniqlo ? looks think O_o ! haha

  3. michelle says:

    katya~ really?! ah, thanks so much ne!! will try to see when we can all meet up before CNY :) also hope u’ll be able to watch this dvd soon hehe…

    stephie~ ya, it’s that jacket hehe. so qiao3, my colleague who came back after me also bought the same jacket, same color lol~ my office is like winter lidat, super cold lor (tho it’s peanuts compared to that day at shin-yokohama!) haha

  4. Reiko says:

    Thank u so much for the lovely photos your colleague took of your dvd…and your review on it. *squeeee* Can’t wait to receive mine too now in the mail…and, can’t wait to watch this! O_O Aaaaaaahh…looks soooooo good!!

  5. naughtiest says:

    *puuuuurrrrrs* so much love for this DVD~ I don’t even know where to comment. You’re so right, precious it is ♥

    If I can steal the remote control from my brother, I’m gonna make my family watch it with me tonight on the big screen~ XD

  6. hiyuki says:

    i think i will receive it soon but still have to wait couple of days o_O, just see the pics u up that makes me can’t wait

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