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[Translation] One! DVD – Special Interview

This project was started in 2008, but only completed recently. Translation by nyanco, marie & myself. This 40min special interview can be found in the One!~The History of Tackey~DVD. Timings have been included so you can watch the DVD as you read. Please DO NOT re-post any part of this interview outside, DO NOT create subs based on this translation, and DO NOT translate this interview into any other...

Some re-uploads

I’ve re-uploaded some files I could find on this comp.

The rest of my files should be in my other hdd which isn’t with me now, or in some discs lying some where in my pig sty. I’ll go through and re-upload more files soon.

[Scans] Top Stage Vol. 38 (Oct 2006)

I’m scanning some past issues of stage magazines with Takki on the cover. First up, Top Stage, Vol. 38 (October 2006 issue), featuring One! ~ The History of Tackey ~. Somehow, I feel like re-watching the DVD now…

Tackey, Takizawa Hideaki Tackey, Takizawa Hideaki Tackey, Takizawa Hideaki
Tackey, Takizawa Hideaki
Tackey, Takizawa Hideaki Tackey, Takizawa Hideaki

滝沢連合 第326章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 326

26 Jan

Today was also filled with happiness
I’m serious.Iya~ I’m now looking forward to the rest of the tour even more Tomorrow is Saga daa Starting from the afternoon show, let’s go with age-age no kori-kori (*) If i were to say it in one word,


Every employee please give me your support from tomorrow onwards
Have you seen the One! DVD? Although I was rather resistant to going as far to talk about my past, I thought if I had to do it, I’d try it in an interview format. Also, what did you think of the opening and closing’s paper airplane? Although it’s simple, I was excessively picky about it and spent alot of time creating it Try checking out these minute details

Yosh, from now we’ll take the bus to Saga ittekima~su

(*) just found out yesterday from nyanco that there might be some ero meaning to all these weird words lololol~ no one knows what he really means, but it seems like everyone’s having a fun time guessing~~ :D

Oricon Charts Week 1~


殿、おめでとう〜 ☆☆☆


For the record, the sales figure was 12,632.

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