Takki Flying Charms…

…finally arrived in my office this afternoon! 8 days after it was mailed out. I was soooo worried that Singpost would eat them up (like how they ate up our cash few years back~), but now I’m soooooo relieved! They probably didn’t know how valuable these charms are lol~ Honto ni arigato, you-chan! ^^

Hidejiru and Kirakira
( Sorry, picture was taken using my lousy keitai camera )

When I first took them out from the package, first thing I noticed was… it’s metal! KYAAAA!! As we couldn’t tell from the pictures back then, I was mentally prepared to receive plastic spongy charms! fufu~ after all the crying in the morning watching Yoshitsune-sama, the afternoon was all smiley smiley for me hehe~~

Just now I was calculating, after all the credit card, paypal & bank charges etc… each charm probably costs $50? That’s crazy! But HAPPY CRAZY! haha!

10 thoughts on “Takki Flying Charms…

  1. michelle says:

    no, the charms were only available thru tackey shop (mu-mo). that’s why we had to trouble you-chan to help us receive and ship to us etc… if all future releases are gonna be like that, what are we gonna do…

  2. hoshi says:

    mic-chan, u shldnt be calculating how much the charms cost. lol. what to do but go n buy ^^;;

    they look really pretty ne.

  3. simone says:

    Yes, hoshi is right, better not think of Avex, Johnny-sama and the others all sitting there while cash registers go ka-ching around them…

    Just hope some trickles into Tono’s pocket, and, mainly, that he is happy his faithful fans buy the stuff!

  4. cecilia says:

    The flying charms really look good! If I noticed that earlier(pre-order sale from Tackey Shop would have charms included), I would pre-ordered the limited edition as well from Tackey Shop. I used the transfer service from JSHOPPER, and I received the regular edition DVD on 12 Mar. The postal fee is not expensive, maybe next time you can try it!

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