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4 New 第一でナイトCMs!

Over at the Daiichi Seimei official site, they’ve posted a total of 4 new CMs for Daiichi de Knight. The first series is 「代役はいない」and the other is 「生涯設計のきほん」. Each has 2 versions and the latter has 60s versions, which are of Takizawa Knight reading a book :)

Daiichi Seimei Takizawa Hideaki CM


Takki Tidbits

1) There’s are new goods on sale at the TBS shop — Orthros no Inu “Budclicks”.

2) There is a new “Daiichi de Knight” CM – 2 different versions – on air this morning, during Mezamashi TV. This time it’s kind of a comedic version, with 2 Daichi de knights (the “substitute role” is played by Nukumizu Youichi, the male teacher in “Majo no Jouken” lol~) but yay~ Takizawa Knight is back!! XD

3) Takki, Ryo & Asami are on the cover of TV Life released yesterday.

4) The “Orthros no Inu” photobook is released today!

5) There will be a Hikari Hitotsu single release event on 9/23 somewhere in Tokyo.

[Scans] Potato 08/2009

Thanks to Kat for scanning these! Dark Takizawa vs Pure Takizawa – which do you prefer? The black one is cool, but I love Takki in white lying on the ground (2nd pic)… So angelic :D And that offshots pic~~ *LOL*

Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki

CM Story: 人生を考えナイト!

Translated by bon-chan from the Daiichi de Knight CM website:

For this CM, produced by master movie director, Obayashi Nobuhiko, the dream collaboration with Takizawa Hideaki-san has become a reality!

A bright and beautiful early afternoon.
Today, Takizawa Hideaki-san heads to the theatre for his appearance in Daiichi de Knight.
Along the way, he watches the lively scene outside a wedding hall from the taxi window. There, he sees a happy pair of newlyweds (in their 30’s) and surrounding them, their families and friends are smiling and cheering for them.

Takizawa-san, who gazes at this scene, suddenly ponders about life. “What would I be like when I’m in my 30’s? My life and the lives of those whom I love, would they be happy?”

He thinks about this again on another day.
On his way to the theatre for work, Takizawa-san stares at the window of a antique shop on a street corner. Nearby, he sees a couple and their child walking together on the sidewalk. The daughter (who looks like she’s in middle school) is with her kind-looking parents who seemed to be in their 40’s.

It appears as though they were on their way from from their daughter’s cello recital and harmoniously, they stopped to take a picture together. Catching a glimpse of such a lovely family, Takizawa-san once again thinks about his life.

“What would I be like when I’m in my 40’s? As the things/people that I want to protect increases, will i still (have the chance and time to) be able to challenge myself with new things?”

“Thinking about life, my insurance comes to mind.” With this new state of mind, he stands on stage as Daiichi de Knight. “You must think about (your) life!”

The TV programs sponsoring this CM are NTV’s “Sekai no hate madeitte Q!” (Sun) and Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV” (Mon-Fri).


The 2nd round of Takki’s 第一生命「第一でナイト」CMs are now on air! And it comes in 2 versions of the jinsei series – 人生を考えナイト!30代 and 40代. The 30s versions of both CMs can be viewed at the official site. I’ve also grabbed them and am sharing it here only for your personal viewing.

Daiichi Seimei Takizawa Hideaki CM

30代, 30s version: MU / MF (asf, 1.54mb)
40代, 30s version: MU / MF (asf, 1.54mb)

I love it when Takizawa Knight appears on stage at the end :)

Update: The video files have been fixed. Hope you are able to view them now :)

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