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Takki Tidbits

1) There was a short clip on this year’s 24 hr television charity t-shirts. The theme this year is “Arigatou”, and Takki wants to thank Kin-chan who ran the marathon few years back. The new chari-T-shirt is designed by Studio Ghibli and are available in 5 colors! Takki chose RED! ^^ I think I’ll have to hunt for this t-shirt next time lol~

2) There will be two new limited period flavours of Takara Can Chu-Hi Jikashibori released on 7th September — Peach and Acerola. The redesigned cans look so pretty~ I wanna try them too!

3) In the latest Ori-suta (Only Star, or Oricon Style) – 6th September issue released on 27th August, there is a page of Tackey Resort Concert stage report.

Takki Tidbits

Takki’s older sister got married on 5/29. Omedetou~★

Takki will tell us how he produced his sister’s wedding in this week’s Denpajou! So, this was what he was busy with after Takizawa Kabuki ended ne. Although it’s been rather quiet, there were a few eye witness sightings of him, like at Tokyo Disneyland, and more recently at Omotesando (seems like his hair is back to brown), we should be hearing about his upcoming schedule soon.

Takara Can Chu-hi Jikashibori drink will also have a new flavour come 6/15. It’s the season-limited Valencia Orange flavour. In addition, the drink will come in 250ml size as well. This would be a good size to try out the different flavours ne. And it looks kinda cute haha~

Takki Tidbits

1) There is a new CM for Takara Can Chu-Hi “Jikashibori” pineapple flavour. Fans said that they’ve seen about 3 different versions of it. I think it’s similar to the lemon one, just that there’s a Pineapple flavour (new release) at the end or something…

2) There will be Takizawa Kabuki stage reports in the Best Stage and Look at Star July 2010 issues. These magazines will be released tomorrow.

3) In last week’s Shounen Club Premium, there was the Takizawa Kabuki stage report in the “works” section. I’ve only seen a small clip of it so far, but I hope someone will post and share a good quality one soon. They showed footage from opening show’s curtain call – Takki having a plaster over his eyebrow. Takki said he & Yara entered the jimusho on the same day. Both of them were so small in size back then, and they are still small now *lol*, but their hearts have grown up :)

直搾り 2010 version

KYAAAA!!!! Tono looks so good in the new CM which is O/A starting today.

Takara CAN Chu-hi Jikashibori

Watch the 15s CM from the Takarashuzo site!

New wallpapers can also be downloaded from the site.

タカラ CAN チューハイ 直搾り

Takarashuzo has updated their Takara CAN Chu-Hi Jikashibori website with a new Takki image! They’ve finally used a new image after about a year? This should be Takki’s latest image, I think! Since he has black hair for Takizawa Kabuki… but I like it. Fresh & kakkoii~ hehe~

Takara Can Chu-hi Jikashibori - Takizawa Hideaki

According to the website, there’ll be new CM and wallpaper on 2nd April. I hope it’s a new CM for Takki. There aren’t any details though so we can only wait and see…

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