Takki Tidbits

1) There is a new CM for Takara Can Chu-Hi “Jikashibori” pineapple flavour. Fans said that they’ve seen about 3 different versions of it. I think it’s similar to the lemon one, just that there’s a Pineapple flavour (new release) at the end or something…

2) There will be Takizawa Kabuki stage reports in the Best Stage and Look at Star July 2010 issues. These magazines will be released tomorrow.

3) In last week’s Shounen Club Premium, there was the Takizawa Kabuki stage report in the “works” section. I’ve only seen a small clip of it so far, but I hope someone will post and share a good quality one soon. They showed footage from opening show’s curtain call – Takki having a plaster over his eyebrow. Takki said he & Yara entered the jimusho on the same day. Both of them were so small in size back then, and they are still small now *lol*, but their hearts have grown up :)

3 thoughts on “Takki Tidbits

  1. simone says:

    Thanks for these updates.

    My favorite of the Takara drinks remains the yuzu., I guess because it is less sweet than the others, though I like the lemon too.

    Yara is indeed fairly short, being only 1m.65. But in France there is an old saying about the best things coming in small pots…[take that with a grain of salt].

  2. michelle says:

    ah, actually i quite like the mango one. but the lemon one is kinda the “standard flavour” of chu-hi so i quite like it as well.

    yeah, yara is shorter than takki hehe~

    but they’re both taller than me so i have absolutely no complaints haha~~~

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