Takki’s New Year message in J-web

It’s truly the first time seeing an audience on the first of January after the sunrise I think it’ll be a good thing to spend New Year’s day with all the audience and we are looking forward to it

In 2009, my closest goal is to make through what is front of me, the musical “Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei” with the same members (till the end) without any injury If the result comes out good, then it’ll be a good start

This year starts from solo activity, but I want to cherish the thing that I can only do in the unit and the time for unit activity too of course For that reason too, from New Years day my first target is to make through this musical with fun together with Nishikiori-san and all the co-performers and Juniors

Takizawa Hideaki

Translated by nyanco, edited by mich.

3 thoughts on “Takki’s New Year message in J-web

  1. simone says:

    Nyanco, Mich, thanks, as usual!

    Thoughtful of Takki to update in the midst of all his work. I notice he is throwing a crumb to unit fans. But all I want is for him to have his greatest success ever with his show, and be in lots of doramas!

  2. KatSpore says:

    thanks nyanco n mich! *muack*
    I hope all the performances are smooth n successful and everybody enjoy themselves! even takki! XD

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    Thank you Mich and nyanco for the translations as always! I hope the musical goes off smoothly too. ^^ Wish I could see the show live — hopefully there will be a dvd of this.

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