滝様コン レポート

of course we’ll have to wait for the real report from mich ^^
but so far, here are the notes taken by Jp fans~
theyre not complete… esp the MC part but thats all that i can find so far.



Pictures of the goods HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE

A picture of the confetti HERE


Kimagure Jet
Ai Kakumei
Home Party!!
Takki Call + mini MC
Here I am
Black Butterfly
VTR w/ Ai Kakumei (instrumental) playing in bg
Words of Love
Aisenshi (Warrior of Love) TAKI Ranger Show
YOU Yacchainayo!!
Hito Natsu no…
Negai (while playing the piano)
Jr’s corner
DJ Takki
Takizawa Action Club (TAC)
Yume Monogatari
X~Dame~ Ondo (from Enbujou)
Mugen no Hane
Futari no Yoru
Taste Me


Ero Ero Dance 2009
Hitomi wo Tojite

Double Encore

Goodbye speech

  • The arena was set up in Pattern A
  • 15 minutes before the show started, they play a very “interesting” VTR on the front stage screens
  • The whole arena was practically in pink… LOL
  • The concert started with Takki’s narration. Sounded as if it was a message from the captain over a plane’s intercom. “If you do not feel good during the flight, do something about it.”
  • TAKI Ranger is a whole new song. Dunno if its CD material tho.
  • Got to see Takki roller skate for the first time
  • Takki also did a back flip?!
  • In the VTR, it was set up as a scene where Takki was the actor and Kawai-kun (ABC-Z) was the Director. The VTR began with a full zoom on Takki’s face as he recited a line. But then Takki kamikami’d and Director Kawai slapped Takki’s head with a paper fan (kamisen) and said “There are plenty of actors out there yo. Can you do this properly?!” LOL

    TAKE 2 was a picture of a yellow clock and then the cameras went back to Takki’s sleeping *Zzzz* face. Director Kawai slapped Takki again and said “I’ll switch you with Tsubasa zo!” XDDD And for TAKE 3, it wasnt Takki, but Kawai who became the actor! hahaha

  • During the MC and in the pamphlet, Takki talked about wanting to go on a national solo tour. Kame (KATTUN) was also there. He went on stage during the MC when Takki started calling for “Kame Ranger” (Turtle Ranger) XDDD
  • Takki jumped off a tall platform during the Ranger show corner
  • Takki stood on a cart during YOU Yacchainayo!! and went from the West stands to the East stands (Concert Lingo : stands are on the 2nd floor of the arena)
  • There were a lot of paper planes that fell from the ceiling during Tegami?
  • The ero ero dance was really short??
  • Takki and the Jrs designed pink & silver shoes and wore it during Ero Ero
  • During the encore, Takki and the Jrs came out wearing the pink hairbands. Takki was also wearing his black rimmed glasses and the con shirt. Kame also came out during the encore?
  • Takki’s arms looked a little tan?
  • His hair was brown and black…


Takki called for “Kame Ranger! Kame Ranger!”
Kame came out wearing Takki’s pink ranger helmet

亀 : Your helmet is soaked with sweat! But its sugoi… it has a mic inside it and everything!

滝 : Kame, you always come to watch me ne!
亀 : But Takizawa-kun… (has never came to see us)
滝 : If you had told me about your events, I would have!
亀 : The next time you go out and eat ramen with Jin, please ask him.
滝 : But we never talk about work when we meet
亀 : Oh, you dont?
滝 : Since he’s been back from studying abroad, hes been speaking english.
亀 : He does do that ne lol

Kame was wearing a towel-like scarf around his neck.
Takki took it, wore it and said “Dont I look like a prowrestler?”

滝 : KATTUN always *chu* their mics in the middle of a song
亀 : Takizawa-kun should do it too
皆 : DO IT~~~!!!
滝 : Everyone will either bombard me or laugh at me!!

亀 : Takizawa-kun’s concerts read “The Johnnys” all over it
滝 : *walks up the stairs to the piano* Kame, come~
亀 : *follows* Back then, Jin and I would go over to Takizawa-kun’s house
滝 : un~
亀 : and we would sit next to Takizawa-kun as he plays the piano and nod to the tune

Takki was perhaps nervous when he played the piano during Negai. He kept messing up and they had to stop? But at the end of Negai, Kame optimistically said

亀 : Today’s audience is really lucky ne~~

16 thoughts on “滝様コン レポート

  1. katya_alex says:

    Thank you very much for these infos. I wish i could relate more on the songs he performed. im not familiar with several songs listed.
    It also good to know kame was there. one reason why i liked kame was when i saw him with jin from the dvd concert of haru con. This time, i appreciated it again.
    Ah…the ero ero dance…i will remain wondering. Harharhar!

  2. zoe says:

    thx for sharing the info
    ah~i wish i were there~ i like takki in pink
    really hope averx will release dvd……
    althought i like jun more but it is good to have a kame!!haha. will tsubasa come too? i seldom see tackey and tsubasa this year. quite miss them~

  3. tipsy says:

    Kame and Takki talked alot about the pink theam and I couldnt understand it and fans laughed alot so it must have been very funny. At the beginning they showed the 15 sec promotion for his coming drama, played 3 of his CF. At the start he was saying something before coming out on stage and it was something about Takki’s Ranger or Ninja I wasnt sure as I didnt understand. But they played Takki’s Ranger (Ninja) half way through and Takki did two jumps. 1 fr the higher stage to the lower level one and 1 from the high crane down to the stage. Everytime he jumped my heart stop beating at that instant and wondering what if he missed it. The second jump was a lot higher and easier to miss as it was dark but he did it right on spot. Wish I was there at the 1.30pm show. As I couldnt get the ticket. But I will be there again tonight at the 5pm one. Talk more later.

  4. simone says:

    tipsy: you lucky gal!!!

    Bon, thanks ever so much for these updates!

    I am glad there were cameras, at least we will get to see some of it, but probably no luck with getting a Dvd…

  5. Stephi-chan says:

    Thanks for the updates. It’s always great to see two of my fave guys on the same stage! It’s nice to know they all meet up every once in awhile too…and the MC sounds so cute!

  6. dota01 says:

    Thanx for this!!!
    Very happy to read it.
    Could someone please inform me, if there’s any video about this… I’m useless with searching for concert part.
    Than you soooo much!!!

  7. bon-chan says:

    etto, i wasnt there, so i dont know if Kame really said “Jin.” The person who blogged about this MC only wrote “Jin” so i translated it as that.

  8. penguin1990 says:

    ahhh.. i hope u will confirm this too eh. lol. the way kame addresses jin.. =p thanks for the translation anwyay!~ short but really worth readin! =DDD

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