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滝沢連合 第423章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 423

23 Jan

[Q23] (Hattsun Musume, Hyogo Prefecture, Sales, Female)
I’m a student preparing for exams, so please give me some words of encouragement!! Please say it to all students in the country who’re preparing for exams!
I’m sorry, this isn’t a question.

[A23] Certainly, this isn’t a question! Well~ doesn’t matter
In any case, give your all in whatever you have at hand

Here goes~

1, 2, 3, poryo~n ♥

Ano… I don’t know how to translate that last word there…
but he wrote it as ポリョ~ん (which is really cute!) XD

滝沢連合 第423章

One thought on “滝沢連合 第423ç« 

  1. Hello, mich & Bonsan.
    I am a Japanese, living in Hawaii. I am very happy to be able to read Takki’s sweet comments from Takizawa Rengou. Thank you so much for posting and translating the text.
    I was wondering if I could read Takizawa Rengou original text in Japanese.
    Where can I find those?
    From Shoko

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