About Takizawa Hideaki’s retirement~

Ohisashiburi~ I’ve been posting updates on our Facebook and Twitter instead of this site, and I’m not sure if anyone will be reading this, but since this is something big, I thought I’d write about it here as well.

Tackey & Tsubasa has officially disbanded on 10 September 2018, and they have released a joint statement on JFC/J-net addressing the issue. Takki will focus on production work, grooming the Jrs, producing stage plays, concerts, etc. He will retire from showbiz activities by the end of 2018. Tsubasa will leave Johnnys to focus on recuperating. You can read Johnny-san’s message here.

From newspaper reports, it’s stated that Takki will continue to be involved in Takizawa Kabuki as a director/producer. He also hopes to do his final “Dinner Show” at the end of the year. His radio show “Tackey no Takizawa Denpajo” will cease by year end as well. As for the WOWOW drama that he’ll lead, “Kokou no Mesu”, it’ll be broadcast as scheduled in 2019.

We all have mixed feelings about this ne~ Like many fans, I still want to see him live on stage performing kabuki, I want to see him play different roles in dramas, reforming people’s homes or descending volcano craters… (Come to think of it, he was probably trying to accomplish all of that fast cos he wanted to retire and do background work?)

But we know that he’s always been interested in behind-the-scenes conceptualization and production work. When reports of Takki being named Johnny-san’s successor surfaced, we already kinda saw this coming ne (just not that soon? lol) so honestly I wasn’t all that surprised. All in all, this was a decision he has made after very careful consideration, so I’d also like to give him my fullest support. As long as he’s happy doing what he likes ne <3

As for this site, many times I have thought of shutting it down and just maintain the facebook & twitter accounts, but yappari I just can’t bear to do so… Even more so now ne~ I’ll try my best to fill the void with as many Takki goodies as possible in the coming months, and hopefully make this a site where Takki fans can still linger for years to come… Ganbarimasu!

<3 Mich

About Takizawa Hideaki’s retirement~

6 thoughts on “About Takizawa Hideaki’s retirement~

  1. Thank you for posting this. I initially want to write a long comment, but I realized you must feel what I feel right now and writing in length just prolongs my sadness. No, please don’t close this site. Please keep it going for as long as you can. T&T has been a happy memory of my life that I’ll treasure forever and visiting your site from time to time will bring it alive again. Thank you so much for bringing T&T closer to me through all your posts and translations/subs. Thank you❤️

  2. Dear Mich, I guess we all feel the same about this news. I’m excited and happy for Takki on being promoted as Johnny-san’s successor but at the same time I’m really saddened by the fact that I may not be able to see him do dramas and sing anymore. So, I really, really want to thank you for deciding to keep this site going. Your page offered us a chance to get to know Takki more and now it will be a place where we can reminisce and be closer to Takki again even if we don’t see him in showbiz anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Please do not shut down this site. Even though he may now leave showbiz and work behind the scenes, there should be traces of his work he has done on the front line.

    I have always loved this website as it is one of the few which has continuously put up information on Takki especially when it is so hard to find English sites online dedicated to him. Thank you so much for your hard work.

    I am going to miss hearing his voice singing and his acting. I think without him I would have never gotten into the world of Johnny’s entertainment and Japanese entertainment.

  4. Hi!!! My english is terrible but I have to tell you… Thank you very much!
    I found here so many informations about Takky that I love this site! Please, don’t shut down! The people have to know the great artist was and is Takizawa Hideaki!!! :)

  5. I share the same sentiment, please don’t shut this down. Takki may be retiring, but by keeping this site alive we can still enjoy his work and it’s also a great source for new fans. Thank you so much for your hard.

    I’m sad about him leaving but I’m also happy that he is named the successor. Even though I shouldn’t be surprised since he’s proven his leadership ability and passion for work behind the scene from a very young age, it’s still Japan that has more or less a traditional way of handling succession.
    I hope he can keep doing what he loves, stays healthy and happy. He was a great part, if not, one of most influential members of JE, and with him retiring it’s like an era has ended.

  6. I have the same sentiments as everyone here. I certainly wouldn’t want to see your hard work and efforts put into this precious Takki fansite go away for good. I’d like to continue to see his fan’s legacy continue on. I’m also regretful in seeing him retiring, but I guess I also understand him wanting to do other future endeavors too with his life. My congratulations upon seeing him be Kitagawa-san’s successor in Johnny’s. I hope to continue to see his success be shown in many more avenues in the future with the Japanese entertainment industry. He was a beautiful and memorable part of my life in the past, and one of the most influential members of Johnny’s Entertainment as well. I’d also have to agree that without him or knowing who he was when I was into him all those years ago, I would’ve never known the world of Johnny’s Entertainment, and appreciated my Japanese heritage and culture than I do now.

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