“Ai Kakumei” CD on sale 7th January 2009!!


愛・革命 Ai . Kakumei “Permanent Edition” (Jacket A) (CD+DVD)
Release date: 7th January 2009
Price: ¥1,680 (incl. tax)

CD Tracklist:
1. 愛・革命 (Ai . Kakumei)
2. タイトル未定1 (Title unconfirmed 1)

DVD Content:
1. 愛・革命 (Ai . Kakumei) -Music Clip-

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愛・革命 Ai . Kakumei “Limited Edition” (Jacket B) (CD+DVD)
Release date: 7th January 2009
Price: ¥1,680 (incl. tax)

CD Tracklist:
1. 愛・革命 (Ai . Kakumei)
2. タイトル未定1 (Title unconfirmed 1)

DVD Content:
1. 収録内容未定 (Content unconfirmed)

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愛・革命 Ai . Kakumei “Regular Edition” (Jacket C) (CD)
Release date: 7th January 2009
Price: ¥1,050 (incl. tax)

– Available in First press (content unconfirmed)

CD Tracklist:
1. 愛・革命 (Ai . Kakumei)
2. タイトル未定1 (Title unconfirmed 1)
3. タイトル未定2 (Title unconfirmed 2)
4. 愛・革命(カラオケ)(Ai . Kakumei – Karaoke)
5. タイトル未定1(カラオケ) (Title unconfirmed 1 – Karaoke)
6. タイトル未定2(カラオケ) (Title unconfirmed 2 – Karaoke)

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OMG~ there’re 3 versions!! XD I’m definitely gonna buy all three!!! Can’t wait to see what they’ll include for the DVD in Jacket B! And what are the titles of the “age-age” or coupling song… and what the PV is like… Aahhhh~~ I don’t think I can get back to work!!!

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  1. KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Early x’mas gift from Tono-sama……he granted our wishes………Mich….I can understand if you can’t get back to work. Who would be with a news like this…..

    GOSH! Takki you’re the BEST! Ganbatte!

    I can’t wait to get my 3 versions. When will CD Japan starts taking pre-orders? OMG!!!! I’m just so excited!

  2. when surfing around avex, i was crying without noticing…
    my 8 yrs of waiting… finally… nothing else to say, 8 yrs of hoping and praying finally become reality, now i’m on the nervous breakdown, doki doki all the way…

  3. Music Station Super Live is coming up on Dec.26.
    Let’s request “愛・革命”!
    Go to http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/music/
    and click on “Request” banner on the left. 

  4. weeee gonna but a xmas presnt for myslf hahaha

  5. what I can say except aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I can say nothing
    It’s so happiness in the end of 2008,hope it will continue to 2009

  6. sannah~ i think we can check the cd sites in the next few days ne, it shud be up soon :)

    love~ *hugs* that’s really a long wait ne. it had been a roller coaster ride, october was a nasty month, but i’m so glad that november has been full of pleasant surprises ^^

    nyanco~ thanks for the link, i’ve just requested! XD

    clauds~ yea, me too, or a late bday gift for myself :)

    first love~ i also wish it’d continue ne…

  7. Wos! that’s awesome as usual ..
    I will surely be waiting Tackey~!!

  8. it’s posted up on neowing, so by tml it should be up on cdjapan~ ^^ and if you’re in japan, you can pre-order from shinseido too :)

    yuu~ i deleted one of your comments coz it’s duplicate :D

  9. Well that clears up that LOL I had just posted a comment at 2wenty-2wo lj wondering if this was going to be available to all or just j-web people. Glad it is for all! I developed a distrust of Avex, JE, etc. fairly quickly when entering the JE fandom :p

    Avex has solved my Christmas shopping; now if they would only add a DVD of WWP life would be grand ^^

  10. \:0/////// I’m so happy that it’s going to be released to the public and in three different versions :0 (well, yea… who was going to doubt that it would be a bloodsucking three versions kekeke) but ahhhh! two jackets with dvds! happy! yay!

  11. OMIGOSH!!!! I can’t wait!!! :D
    It comes out on my birthday too! XD

  12. glenda~ haha i dun really trust avex and their marketing strategies ne… but that aside, i’m surprised they are the first ones to update this time, i.e. the ones who bring the good news…

    lovespiral~ *raises hand* me, i din expect 3 versions lol…

    ai-chan~ honto?! your bday!! then u shud pre-order from cdjapan, coz most likely (depends on which country u are) you can receive it on the release date itself, or even a day earlier :) it’ll be a good bday gift! ^^

  13. hi Mich, HMV had added tono’s new single on website
    but what stupid,HMV’s staff
    I search hideaki takizawa,the result is

    “Nippon Ai ni Ikuyo: Thai Edition
    Hideaki Takizawa
    Japan Edition
    Issued: Jan 09
    Out Soon – release date is 07 Jan 2009 ”

    They put wrong single name!!!GOD
    I just sent a suggestion message to them
    hope they can correct it asap

  14. taki-bb~ what??! how can they make such a silly mistake! it’s funny, but annoying at the same time lol. just like how i wrote to tell them last time that it’s “tackey” and not “tacky” lol~

    btw, i’ve added CDJapan links! ^^

  15. OH~天呐!I must save money !!!I will buy 3 versions!More than 300RMB.I am a student now! It’S a little expensive for me!~~~~(>_

  16. seems like they correct the inner page

    but the search page,still the wrong title

  17. kyaaaaaaaa I’m buyin’ ALL 3!!!! (yoshhhhh) *runs to cdjapan*

  18. mandyaitakki~ yea, definitely have to save money for this, no matter how expensive. it’s takki’s first ever solo cd afterall. and who knows it might be the one and only one, so definitely it’s a treasure!

    takki-bb~ i still can’t find it on the search page ne. but thanks for the links. i’ve added the hmv links to this entry :)

  19. OMG OMG OMG! This makes my insanely busy week all the better! I’m preordering NOW! and am definately getting ALL THREE!!!!
    Happy Xmas to me!

  20. BTW, what do they mean by “permanent edition”? I’ve never heard that before…

  21. kyaaaaa~~~a too * D *

    but… is it not the most undefined singel to preorder in the history? XDDDD all is unconfirmed yet XDD !!!

    anyway, I want them all `* u *´ !! I hope cdjapan wait till the end of the month because now my acount is 0€ XDDDD

    it’s a great way to start the year \ º D º /

  22. stephi-chan~ yay!! :D ah, i think they call it “permanent edition” because it’s not a limited one? meaning, it can still be reprinted if necessary, unlike B which will be “out of print” once the limited copies are sold out… erm, just my guess =P

    azuki~ lol, u crack me up! ^^ yea, everything’s ‘undefined’ and ‘unconfirmed’ but at least we’ve heard ai kakumei before so it’s still alright fufufu~

  23. *faint*

    OMT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the news makes me speechless and jawdropped….
    dont forget a sudden heart attack..LOL

    well i want to buy the 3 of them…demo ne~….
    i don’t have that much money *sobs* ….i think i’m gonna buy only 1 version….

    huhuxhux……*damn you global crisis*

    btw mich, thanks for the info…..u’re the best! hehehe

    minna~ goodluck with the preorder! ^^ *peace*

  24. nachi~ i just put up amazon’s links. they’re having discount for A & B! :)

  25. hontou ??????


    i must hurry ti check that out….

    thanks mich…^^

    like i just said…u’re the best !! hehehehe

  26. great news!!
    ok a stupid question here but why takki’s nickname is tono?! where it came from?

  27. I am doing like the rest of us and looking forward to filling Avex’s cash register. Maybe on should split the order between Cdjapan and Amazon: Cdjapan to have it right away, Amazon to have the discount on B & C? Does Amazon count in the tallies, or just Cdjapan & Hmv?

    Takkifan: tono means lord, it is what Benkei and the other vassals call Yoshitsune.

  28. I had pre-ordered all three versions at HMV,just can’t wait any longer^^,
    and for me its delievery cost is the lowest

  29. nachi~ ganbatte ne! XD

    takkifan~ yea, simone answered it. “tono” means “lord”. and on takki’s radio show “takizawa denpajou”, he is called “tono”. when u write in to him, you have to address him as “tono” too~ he is our “lord” afterall, juz like how yoshitsune-sama’s kerais are loyal to him hahaha…

    simone~ i’m splitting the order too. getting one version from cdjapan first, and the rest from amazon! haha… yes, amazon count for oricon too :)

    taki-bb~ yea, i think hmv would be most economical. but i had not-so-good experience with them before, so i’ve stopped using them. cdjapan is definitely the best, but most expensive too… but amazon is not too bad either, usually a day slower than cdjapan (but still might get it on release date), and packaging is good.

  30. Too bad, Amazon only takes one copy of each for pre-order.It means we can only buy 3 cds from one acct. Now I have to make another acct or order my second and third batch from some where else…This is his first ever solo cd, I’m going to get as many as I can afford. (call me stupid) ^ ^

  31. high 5(s) nyanco! ya, amazon is really baka! y cant we order more??? i’m ordering 2 sets too. ^^ after that, maybe will pick up more at the threatre? i wonder what freebies they will be giving ne?! Full of expectation! wow.. this CNY really starting good with tono new cd! so instead of CNY songs, i’ll be dancing to the beat of ai.kakumei n the other mystery songs.. lmao!!!

  32. nyanco~ yea i dun understand why amazon is like this. it’s more paperwork for them. sigh… and if the bonus for first press of version c is a poster, then ahh… not sure if amazon will ship free posters? i know hmv will FOLD the posters, so that one is confirm ダメ!

    kat~ haha, i think u can blast ai.kakumei and the other “untitled” songs instead of the usual “mei tiao da jie xiao xiang…” or “qi ge long dong qiang dong qiang…” hahahahahaha….

  33. lmao!!! or simply jus “gong xi gong xi gong xi ni..” dear 老婆! my mum will definitely make noise! wahahaha..n i cant 诉苦 to you cos u know la!! wahhahaha..

  34. cool, many did the multiple preordering!!! tq so much for supporting our tono ne~

    i already preordered at the cd japan right on the moment they listed the single out, then the next day i saw there’s discounts on jacket B and C at amazon! that’s my 2nd batch of pre-order… nyanco, you’re not stupid… i did the same thing as you, too… ^^
    so now, i at least will have 6 copies of cd lying in front of me in january… hehe…

  35. love~ we’re definitely not stupid ne! XD

  36. Just want to warn people about Hmv: I had ordered Koi Uta from them (lower cost), but, just as everybody was getting theirs, I got an email from Hmv saying they had a “delay” and were waiting for new deliveries. So I ended up having to cancel and get it from Cdjapan after all. And Hmv does fold posters (Lol).

  37. simone~ haha, hmv shipped the 2u4u albums (with folded posters) in an EMS envelope. yea, it’s bubbled but i would have paid a bit more so that they could at least use a box? lol~ i ordered 5 discs ne… and it arrived 2-3 days after everyone else’s. it was a long long wait…

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