[Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.09.02

If you missed part 2, you can get it here :)

The Shounen Club Takizawa Hideaki Special Project #3
On Air Date: 2nd September, 2007
Subtitles: English
Duration: 4min 06s
Subbed by mich & nyanco

About this clip: The audition continues, and this time we hear from Yonemura, Taiyo, Senga and Kitayama. Takki is smiling so much sometimes that we can hardly see his eyes fufufu~

Shounen Club - Takizawa Project Part 3

Download MEGA (45.13MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

As usual, please do not upload on streaming sites and all that stuff hehe~ Thank you very much! XD

14 thoughts on “[Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.09.02

  1. KatSpore says:

    haha.. thanks so much for both ur effort, Mich & Nyanco! *chu* love u gals so muchi!!! the jr who say he attain his height n lose his goal is so funny, n takki answering, “we are not doctor!” muahhahaha.. the 2 kmf2 guys are so funny too.. thanks for making my day! i love him especially in that outfit.. hahaha..

  2. michelle says:

    kat~ hmm, is that why taiyou also left, since he no longer has a goal? a pity, coz i quite like him. (and he forgot that our tono is.. erm.. not very tall!)

    saragorn~ love~ suki~ u’re welcome! :)

    luinchan~ ya, ya, senga’s last sentence to kitayama made everyone laugh ^^

  3. sannah says:

    Mich and Nyanco…Kitayama and Senga must have been with Takki for quite some time. For them to have those kind of theories ne…it’s so like Takki…….Thanks for subbing and sharing this.

    I like those two Juniors…..Senga and Kitayama…..well…Senga…takki’s quite fond of him and Kitayama constant companion of Takki….those two juniors are lucky to be around Takki ne…..Takki’s magic will rubbed on them too….that’s a sure thing!

  4. michelle says:

    poline~ u’re welcome, thanks for commenting XD

    sannah~ yea, that t-shirt takki wore was given by senga, and kitayama, well they seem to be travel companions fufu~ anyway, kitayama to me will always be ‘the one at the train station’ :)

    carolfyfy~ yea, that one was really funny!! ^^

  5. lovetakki says:


  6. michelle says:

    vierran~ u’re welcome :)

    lovetakki~ hi, i’ve put up download links in both megaupload (MU) and mediafire (MF). just below the image in this post, there is this: “MU | MF (45.13MB)”. you may choose either MU or MF. hope it helps~

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