14 thoughts on “Oricon Ranking: Ai Kakumei – Day 5

  1. simone says:

    Well, holding its position, but not as many sales as I would have wished…

    And I keep listening to those songs. The tune of Ai Kakumei is very catchy, and With Love has such a pretty melody.

  2. simone says:

    I guess poor Takki needed to do a lot of promos like they did for Koi Uta, except he is only one person! And overwoked as it is.

    I was glad that at least his song was #1 in requests. Now, just go buy it!

  3. love says:

    hope nothing drastic comes up. it’s hard to get many sales in the early of the year, after all the christmas and new year shopping. even kumi koda got like 50,000++ for her weekly no.1. right now takki is with 47356 sales. if nothing stupid happens, may be his luck is like kumi koda. just give our tono his deserving number 1!

    as for the rest of you, keep on buying… this week, next week, the week after next week and the upcoming months… can i request to avex to do Ai Kakumei rush after Takirev ends? i may be do this crazy thing… haha…

  4. love says:

    yes, i use 1.75 but deep down my heart i wish tono will get to use 1.8 multiplier… not many managed to use 1.8 but who knows, after a long time, eito managed to use it through musekinin hero. may be if takki is lucky enough, he also can get to use that 1.8 multiplier…

  5. nyanco says:

    I thought I saw somewhere 1.77 for tono’s multiplier but I’m not sure where I saw this.
    Koiuta was 1.794, Samurai was 1.776,

  6. love says:

    the multiplier is ranged from 1.75-1.8… 1.75 is widely used for assumption. i think it’s for mind comfort because we know that the sales will be higher than our assumption rather than using higher multiplier for assumption and end up with lesser sales, our hearts will be crushed after that…

  7. simone says:

    I followed Love’s suggestion and looked at the 1/11 Oricon, and Takki had moved to #1! Yatta!

    Now, did I read correctly 6891 as a sales number? is that possible? My reading of the kanji on the left was “number”. Even if not, I am thrilled he is #1 Now let’s pray it lasts!!!

  8. love says:

    simone it’s not a daily sales number, just a daily sampling number. the daily sales number should be at least 12,059. yokatta ne~ cd japan just sent in their number. the sales suddenly jumped, including the sales from the japanese stores, the sales was at the highest peak during yesterday evening which hadn’t been counted in yesterday oricon so they counted them in for today.

    good job to all the takki’s fans! you guys did it well, so proud of takki and so proud of his fans. ^^

  9. Stephi-chan says:

    Takki’s still doing really well. Yay! Are they only counting ONE jacket version or all three? I know not everyone bought all three copies, but you think there’d be more…

    Omedetou Takki! #1! #1!

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