8 Replies to “Oricon Ranking: Shalala/Mugen no Hane – Day 4”

  1. ok,我只能说我已经看不懂了。

  2. I have to find a way to comfort myself a little.

    Okay, how many people does NEWS get? 8?

    Let’s average it out. How many copied were sold per head?

    Hope things will get better during the weekend….

    This is a crazy world. People just blind themselves and ignore the true value and beauty ever existent.

  3. kittyhello says: Reply

    well,I think we should not worry about the numbers too much
    I did can not understand the trength of numbers
    but the songs are great and I choose to trust Tono

  4. i’m actually not worried anymore… after seeing the 20,000+ figure of day 3. at least it’s a normal and expected figure for me. so i just would wait for the end of the week for the weekly figures :)

  5. This is a bit of a letdown, after yesterday’s great total. I still say the timing of the release was poor. Nevertheless, the cumulative total is honorable. I devoutly hope they get more than 50,000.

    Mine got here this morning! Amazon shipped late (on 5/7) but the box got here overnight, so I (maybe) forgive them.

  6. kittyhello says: Reply

    now I still do not know whether the takki shop sales are included or not
    hope the CD get better numbers in the weekend.

  7. Hoping for the Musute performance to raise more sales!

    I still think Mugen no Hane should be the lead/promo song instead of Sha La La. Like I said I like Sha La La but couldn’t help feeling Mugen no Hane would be more…powerful. Somehow.

  8. kittyhello says: Reply

    well you know shalala is a CM song so absolutely it will be promoted ahead
    I check the EX net and it says shalala will still be on the TV next time.

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