Oricon Ranking: Shalala/Mugen no Hane – Day 3

Takizawa Hideaki – Shalala/Mugen no Hane (Release Date: 5/6)
Day 3 (5/6):
Rank: #1
Sales: 20,384
Cumulative: 37,644

KYAAAAAAA!!!!!! XDDD Am I seeing things?? *rubs eyes* 本当に嬉しい〜\(^^)/

18 thoughts on “Oricon Ranking: Shalala/Mugen no Hane – Day 3

  1. eyannis says:

    …Our prayers have been answered. There IS a God. I have to admit I am so so so very relieved to see THAT number!

    Now PLEASE keep this up!!

    Thanks for the updates, Michelle. :) You reckon maybe the pre-orders got shipped in bulk today, maybe?!

  2. love says:

    Mich, for me this a real first day sales. LOL
    The past two days had been scary and worrisome.

    I am so relieved and happy…^^
    Just less than 13,000 copies more for this release to be on par with Ai Kakumei first week sale… (^o^)

  3. michelle says:

    eyannis~ yes, please keep it up! oh yea, i think so too. coz i read this morning from some fan blogs that they only just got their cds, and i think they bought from shinseido? and it seems like amazon also only shipped yesterday? i bought from cdjapan and received on monday, so my share should be in day 1’s =P

    love~ yea, usually this kind of figure would be first day sales ne! weird that it’s on day 3 (or day 2, if u dun count the one on 5/4). another 20,000 more, i think. motto ganbarimasu!!!! ganbatte!!

  4. PUI says:

    I always confuse, what Jacket that they count?
    A, B, or C ?

    And if we need to help sales figure, what Jacket should we buy?

    (I just asked for next single, I’m already received all Jacket A,B and C today.)

  5. eyannis says:

    Michelle, I ordered from HMV and they shipped my order yesterday (have yet to receive it all the way in far-off Australia), so my order might be in that sales figure, muhahaha.

    Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for some fantastic end of week sales figures. I know it’s going to be uber hard but I hope hope HOPE, REALLY REALLY hope for it to be…over 100,000 copies. XD

  6. love says:


    all four jackets (A,B,C,D) are counted for Oricon. you can buy any of them, but i don’t mind if you want to buy all the jackets, the more the better…^^

  7. kittyhello says:

    I still cannot understand the path of numbers very well
    but I think Mugen no Hane is great
    so I feel the sales will absolutely be OK later.

  8. bakasemitachi says:

    bakami chan~~
    u must believe in bakachan~~
    u must believe in what you see ne~~
    the sales will keep on incresing one. hohoho

  9. yossy says:

    yipieeee…i know,,our Takki always make a miracle…
    too early to say “Omedetou” ^_~
    btw,,,My “Sha la la” not arrived yet… T.T
    i hope its coming soon,,,

  10. simone says:

    Mich, I was praying all yesterday, that maybe 5/6 would be THE day, as Amazon was not shipping in fact till 5/6 or 5/7. What a sigh of relief! (dancing around the room to Shalala)

    love: it is the real first day sales. Somebody watches over Tono after all! And maybe Amazon will not be counted till tomorrow, which would give the numbers another boost.

  11. Stephi-chan says:

    WOW! Those numbers are a happy relief ne.
    Gambatte Takki!
    Hopefully the numbers will at least continue steadily.
    How is this doing compared to Ai Kakumei now?

  12. michelle says:

    stephi~ here u go!

    【滝沢】 シャララ(3 爱革命(3|【滝つ】 恋诗(3 サムライ(3 ×-ダメ-(3
    月      **9,115 ---,---|     ---,--- ---,--- ---,---
    火      **8,145 *26,355|     *23,124 *24,979 *27,396
    水      *20,384 **8,584|     *14,414 *14,991 *15,774
    木      ***,*** **4,982|     **5,598 **6,262 **7,456
    金      ***,*** **3,172|     **5,624 **4,208 **5,149
    土      ***,*** **2,668|     **4,918 **4,006 **5,003
    日      ***,*** *11,653|     *15,295 **3,325 **4,835
    指数合计 *37,644 *57,414|     *68,973 *57,771 *65,613
    オリ枚数  ***,*** *57,414|     *68,973 *57,771 *65,613

  13. Stephi-chan says:

    Hontoni arigatou gozaimasu Michelle! You didn’t have to go through all the trouble of making a table though ~ =(

    I hope this single does just as well if not better though…because this one’s even better than AK.

  14. michelle says:

    oh, i got the table from the japanese bbs ne. it’s a comparison of the most recent singles. the 15,295 for koi uta on day 6 included sales from the event. and the 26,355 for ai kakumei’s day 1 also included sales from the event. i guess now the question is like what kiara-chan said, if they’ll count the 9,115 as part of this week’s sales (or does it belong to the previous week’s). i also feel this single is better than AK :D i hope it hits 50,000 :D

    and hopefully it’s no.1 for today, coz he’ll be going on msute tonight! *prays hard*

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